Here is my somber yet handsome looking son, Professor Bones! K-man has been wanting to be a mine-craft guy but after doing a trial run and wearing a box on his head he quickly decided he wanted to go for something more practical and comfortable. I think his quirky personality breaths new character into the traditional skeleton costume anyways. He is definitely book smart, a little bit serious, and a lot a bit funny, and as kind and sweet as you could possibly imagine. I love this little kid!

There isn't much of a tutorial to this look but this Professor Bones costume was so easy because I just used clothes that he already owned, paired together with a thrift store jacket and some new shoes. The face paint is obviously the focal point of the costume, and it was very simple to do. The hardest part was getting K to hold still because the paint brush was tickling him and he kept laughing.  I just used TAG professional face paint all over his face and hair. I used a a damp beauty blender sponge to apply white all over his neck, face, and hair and then I added black detailing with a mixed media paint brush. These paints are really easy to use but can be a little delicate, especially on small kids. It wont rub off necessarily but it will drip right off when wet so watch out for tears or you will find a whole new meaning to “runny makeup”. Everything else he has or is wearing was just found at home. We like to layer and make things look eclectic at our house.

I present to you Professor Bones!

professor bones costume

easy boys halloween costume

professor bones carrying a book

Professor Bones Reading

skeleton makeup for boys


easy skeleton costume

last minute skeleton costume