My kids costumes last year were made last minute but turned out so fun I thought I would share them again for a little throw back Thursday! Call me old fashion but I believe in a handmade costumes and a little imagination. I think it's because all my costumes growing up were home made and I love keeping up the tradition, too bad not all my kids will let me make their costumes.


Little dude makes his mind up about what he wants to be and there's no swaying him. His costumes have been store bought since he was old enough to have an opinion. I love this tough little hulk man but hoping this year he lets me put together something more one of a kind for him.

Little Hulk Man

Kid Costume Inspiration


She started asking in the summer time if she could be a cat for Halloween and I was surprised she still wanted to be a cat by October. She started a little trend because all the other girls were cute little animals too. It's no secret that she is a feisty little kitty.

simple DIY costumes for kids

Facial Makeup


She is my bounciest kid so for sure she had to be a bunny. She has at least 10 bunny stuffies too so now she can mix in with her toys. (ps. sometimes candy is the only way to get a decent pic out of this one.)

practical baby costumes

Simple Kid Costume


This little button was only about 3 weeks old and came really early so I wasn't planning on dressing her up but we already had a little teddy bear sleeper that is my all time favorite baby outfit so she got a little face paint too (non toxic of course). Eeeep! I could look at this baby all day! How did she grow so fast???

last minute costume ideas

Ivory bear

I love looking at old Halloween pics and remembering all the fun moments  that year and hopefully some of you got some home made kid costume inspiration and ideas for your own family.