Say HELLO to my new pet flamingo! JK, it's just Dempsey wearing a costume. It's so lifelike though, you almost have to look real close just to make sure it's not a real bird. I kid. Flamingos are such a hot thing right now, that I've been determined to make my own spin-off costume rather than buy one. Once I found the dress, which is the structure of her whole costume, the rest was SO easy to make! Here's a quick break down of the supplies I used and how I made the feather collar and the top hat for this easy DIY flamingo costume!

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DIY Flamingo Costume

Supply List:

  • One sheet of hot pink felt
  • Hot pink feathers (I found mine at JoAnn's)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Light pink lace or rim of your choice
  • Rhinestone trim or pearls of your choice for the feather collar and top hat
  • Top hat (also from JoAnn's)
  • Buttons or embellishments of your choice for the feather collar as well as the top hat
  • Face Paint – Optional (not ideal for wiggly toddlers like this one and will totally run down the face if tears flow)

Optional Wardrobe:


  1. Cut the felt to fit the collar of the child who will be wearing the costume.
  2. Hot glue the first layer of feathers around the outer edge of the felt collar. I wanted to emphasize the shoulder area, so I arranged the feathers so that the feathers on the shoulders stuck out further than the rest of the collar necklace to create broader shoulders that look like wings.
    DIY Flamingo Costume - Necklace
  3. After you have glued feathers all the way around the edge of the collar necklace, add one or two more layers to give the necklace some volume and texture until all of the felt is covered.
  4. Hot glue lace or trim along the edge of the neckline to cover the exposed feather tips. I added a slight pleat to mine for more volume, but pleats are optional.
  5. Finish off the necklace with some trim or rhinestones and a couple of  buttons on the back seams. I also glued ribbon to the underneath of both sides so that the collar can be tied up to keep from falling off.
    easy flamingo costume tutorial
  6. I  finish off the look by hot gluing a few coordinating feathers, buttons, and beads to the top hat. It doesn't take much to get your hat looking sassy.
    DIY Flamingo Halloween Costume with instructions for feathered collar and top hat
  7. I hot glued an elastic headband to the hat and then hot glued small pieces of felt over the elastic to secure even more to the hat.
    diy flamingo costume for kids top hat
  8. From there, I just pinned the front of her dress up in the front temporarily using safety pins to give it a little high-low effect so the back of the dress could emulate a tail. Finally, I got her some black tights and sparkly shoes to build contrast on the bottom and definition to her legs.  I appreciate how it all turned out considering  how easy it was to throw together. Golden girl asks me every day if she can wear her costume, so I am thinking she approves of it too! I could seriously get used to this costume-making business—dressing up is my favorite! Clothes, feathers, creative makeup… these are some of my most favorite things!

And now we shall enjoy some more flamingo pictures… or as Dempsey would say, “Lo'mango”!

flamingo costume tutorial with feather collar and makeup

DIY flamingo costume after

DIY Flamingo Halloween Costume

flamingo costume tutorial

flamingo costume tutorial

DIY flamingo tutorial

Photo Credit – Ten22 Studio
Black Bow Backdrop – Pepperlu

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