I had so much fun making my family's Halloween costumes this year! I don't want to pick favorites, but if I had to, I would pick this DIY fawn costume. This costume definitely took the most time to put together, but every time I would finish one little piece of her costume, I would get so excited that it just motivated me to finish so I could see it come together for the finished look! Nothing about her outfit was specifically hard to do, it was just a lot of little steps combined. I will try my best to break down everything I did to pull her outfit together. If you're ready, here's the DIY Fawn Costume guide.

Supplies list:

  • textured sweater – from Target
  • fur vest – from Target
  • leggings – from Target
  • fur gloves
  • moccasins – from Freshly Picked
  • blank headband
  • fur material
  • craft flowers
  • Sculpy ultra light molding
  • acrylic paint
  • modge podge
  • glitter
  • craft ribbon (optional)


To start out, I prepped all the pieces for the antler headband.

1. I sculpted the antlers out of ultra light clay from Sculpy. Because this clay is so light, it is also very soft, so you want to work fast or the clay starts to wilt from the heat of your hands. I made a little curved lip/edge to fit the headband at the base of my antlers so I could glue that part to the headband. I baked both antlers on a metal baking sheet at 275 for about 45 minutes, and then I let them cool all the way.

2. While my antlers were baking and cooling, I cut out four ear pieces out of some peach faux fur I found at Joann's. I didn't use a pattern, just cut out one free hand and then used it as a template to cut out the other ears. I then took two ears and had the fur side facing inward, and then I hot glued the edges together but left the base open so I could flip it back to right side out with the fur showing. I didn't sew them because fur is really temperamental with a sewing machine (especially small pieces like these ears), and since I don't plan on washing the headband, hot glue was the absolute fastest and easiest way to make them.

DIY antlers

3. Once the antlers were completely cooled off, I pained one coat of pink paint, one coat of glitter, and then a top coat of Modge Podge. I let mine dry over night so that it could adhere properly with out the paint or anything peeling off from the hot glue.

4. To assemble the antlers, I first hot glued the antlers onto the headband. Next, I wrapped the whole headband from one end to the other very tightly with craft ribbon (like a candy cane) and hot glued as I went. The ribbon goes over the lip of the antlers and secures it extra tight to the headband. Next, I glued the ears to the headband just below each antler. Finally, I added flowers around the headband to cover the base of the ears and the antlers.

DIY Antlers Headband5. For the tail, I just cut two big pieces of fur and then I glued them to each other with the fur facing in (just like I did for the ears). I flipped the fur right side out and put a little bit of cotton filling inside the tail to make it a little fluffier and then glued the open edges shut. I just used an extra large safety pin and attached the tail to the back of Lo's sweater so she could remove the tail and wear the sweater again later.

6.  A last minute addition to the outfit was to make shoe covers out of the fur. I didn't take a picture of how I made them, but basically, I just cut two rectangle pieces of fur both the same size. I folded about 2 inches of the top edge over and hot glued right along the edge and then threaded a skinny piece of elastic through the 2 inch space and then glued both ends of the hot glue to each other. For the last step I glued both edges of the rectangle long ways to close it. The elastic helps keep the shoe cover from slipping off her legs.

Here's the video of my Fawn Makeup Tutorial

Hope these tips and tutorials help you put together your own fawn costume. I would love to see how yours turns out, so be sure to tag me and use the hash tag #whippycake so I can find you!

DIY Fawn Costume

DIY Fawn Costume Tail


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