Today I'm bringing you the yummiest DIY Halloween costume ever! This cotton candy costume is so cute you might be tempted to have a bite. Not going to lie, I let all 3 of my older kids have a bite of the costume because they didn't believe it was fake cotton candy.  This DIY cotton candy costume was super easy and quick to make, and it only took a few supplies to get it done. I'm sharing my quick tutorial with step-by-step instructions with you so you too can have your own little cotton candy bundle of joy.

Supply list:

  • 1/2 to 1 yard cotton quilt batting found at any fabric store (I got mine from JoAnn's)
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Hot glue gun
  • White paper foam for the cone on the headband
  • 15″ elastic or lace for the headband
  • Baby onesie that is the same color as your sidewalk chalk (I used the pink one from this set from Target)
  • Pin dot tights from Target!
  • Frosted Rose metallic moccasins from Freshly Picked
  • Blush and glitter (optional)
  1.  Take your quilting batting and color it using the long side of your chalk. I used a darker color so it would show up better, and I scraped the coating off the side of the chalk with a butter knife. Completely color both sides of the batting with the long side of your chalk. I chose the typical color for cotton candy, but how fun would it be to mix different pinks for an ombre look, or even mix in a blue cotton candy color?!
    DIY Cotton Candy Costume
  2. Split the batting in half like splitting a bread roll. This will really bring out the fluffiness and make the costume look like literal cotton candy!
    Cotton Candy
  3. Tear the batting into strips approximately 4-6 inches wide. This doesn't have to be perfect but this step will save you some time when gluing the batting onto the onesie. I also recommend pulling at the edges on both ends of each strip to fray the edge so it looks more like actual cotton candy and so that thick harsh edge will blend as you wrap it around.
    Pink DIY Cotton Candy Costume
  4. Start by gluing the first strip of batting to the onesie, wrapping it all the way around the “torso” area of the onesie, and then glue the other end to the onesie as well. Continue adding the strips of batting to the onesie around and around the body suit, gluing the batting to itself. (To make the gluing process easier, I recommend putting the onesie on a box or something round to give the onesie shape and stability). Repeat this process from top to bottom of the onesie until the torso is completely covered.
    easy DIY cotton candy tutorial
  5. Glue the batting to the neckline to ensure that the costume stays put together and cover any gaps or loose spots.
    simple step by step DIY instructions
  6. Put something round (like a can of hairspray) in the sleeves of the onesie as you wrap the batting around, making sure to glue in between each layer of batting.
    DIY costume
  7. When you think you are done, try it on the baby to make sure you can get the costume on and off. Do one final check for places that may need more glue or manipulating.
    cotton candy costume baby
  8. Finish off the look by taking the paper foam and rolling it into the shape of a skinny long cone and glue some leftover pink batting to it for a super cute headband!
    cotton candy costume with onesie and headband

Here are the two biggest game changers to make this costume look and feel like real cotton candy: 1. Hot glue each layer very well, or your costume will just come apart when you put it on the baby. 2. Pull the layers apart before gluing together, this way it looks fluffy and textured like cotton candy.

And now let us binge on cotton candy  and drool over baby Ivory in her cotton candy costume. I DIE.

cotton candy costume tutorial

cotton candy costume with onesie and headband tutorial

easy baby costume

cotton candy costume for kids and babies

easy DIY cotton candy costume

 photo credit – Ten22 Sudio
Gold Dot Backdrop – Pepperlu