Remember that one time I shared my very first Pixie Parade transformation video? Well, I loved the response I got from you guys, and I am so psyched from the positive feedback! For those of you who aren't quite sure what I am talking about, feel free to watch the video below.


So I thought it was a good time to share some more pictures and information on the whole process.

First off, I chose the name pixie parade to

a) play off of my closet parade series and

b) multiplying the amount of pixies parading around in the world sounds like a calling I was destined to fulfill.

Second thing, I loved all of your input on my YouTube video of the first transformation, and I can't wait for you guys to see how I tie your feedback into my next transformation video! I am super excited for this series in particular because, I mean, hello, you know how much I love a good pixie!

And what better way to start this series off than with this stunning babe?

First up on the chopping block (catch that pun?), we have Elissa.

She was the perfect volunteer for this huge transformation. She was easy-going, and did I already say gorgeous?! It's like her face was made for a pixie. You guys should have seen her smile after the haircut was complete. It made me so happy to see such confidence emulating from her just by shortening up her hair a bit… Like 10 inches is all. It reminded me that I love what I do: sharing beauty and helping other women find confidence.

She was about as ready as anyone could be for a pixie cut. She works full time, has a four-year-old son, and was 6 months pregnant at the time! So as you can imagine, she wanted something low maintenance and, in her exact words, “doesn’t want to brush her hair everyday.”  Who’s with her on that one? (Guilty as charged).

Elissa has actually cut all of her hair off in the past, by herself. Yes, all of it! Which means there was no hesitation whatsoever when the opportunity to go pixie presented itself to her.
Pixie Transformation with Elissa - Before

She started with medium length hair, and while she was still GORGEOUS (I mean, look at that face!), her hair kind of just hung there. I think we all know that feeling when our hair isn't doing much, just sitting on our heads and not contributing at all. When I saw Elissa's “before-pixie” hair, I couldn't wait to see it come alive with a pixie cut!

Elissa Before the Cut

And just like that, she started lighting up the room! I said it before, and I will say it again, my favorite part of the whole process was more than the transformation of her hair, it was the transformation I saw in her body language. Her smile got bigger and didn't leave her face! It just goes to show that what's on the outside just amplifies the beauty on the inside.

Pixie Transformation Elissa's Pixie Transformation

Pixie Transformation Sides

Pixie Parade - Before and After

The before and after pics side by side… ‘Nough said! I big fat heart eyes the final look on Elissa. Can we all agree that Elissa's face was made for this pixie?

So who's ready for another pixie parade? Because I totally am. That being said… I kind of need a few girls to volunteer for me to chop their hair off. If you are located in/or near Gilbert, AZ, (or willing to travel to Gilbert, AZ) and would like to participate in my next pixie parade, fill out the following web form. You can fill out the web form even if you have already emailed or asked about getting a pixie before—it will help me keep track for future transformations.