Last week, I posted about my recent obsession with the hot new trend of metallic temporary tattoos on Instagram. I'm definitely not the first one to fall madly in love with these shiny stick-ons, but I have clearly fallen hard for them.

I've always been a sucker for the sparkly and shiny things in life, so it's not surprising that I applied a whole entire sheet of them from head to toe at one time.  Overboard? Maybe. Necessary? YES! At the risk of over-gramming, I shared a few pics of my fave temps on IG, but I wanted to share a few more to demo my top five favorite ways to wear these dainty little temptations.

1. Wrist & Forearm

Aside from the decolletage, I think the wrist and forearm are the most feminine part of a woman's body, thus making it the most romantic area to accent with jewelry to draw a little innocent attention.

Wrist & Forearm Metallic Temps

Metallic Temps

2. Upper Arm

Faux bangles around the bicep/upper arm are a strategic way to make your arm appear slimmer and a clever way to accessorize an outfit.

Upper Arm Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos on the upper arm

3. The Finger

Imitative rings and midi rings, oh how petite and pretty! Whether you stack prints and designs on every finger for a collage of mock rings or go simple with one or two bands around a single finger for the minimalist approach, you can't go wrong wearing temps on your fingers. Cross my heart.

Finger Faux Jewels

Finger and Nails Faux Jewels

4. Spell it Out

There is something so nostalgic about a solitary word prudently placed, especially when it's in cursive! The best thing is that the placement of the word will look timeless and classy almost anywhere. I suggest on the wrist, hand, foot, ankle, arm, neck, or shoulder for a visible affirmation.

Metallic Temporary Tattoos

5. Trail Blazer

Intricate little trails of metallic temps detail along the lines of your bone structure are the most modern way I can think of to make a fashion statement. Anything with a starting and stopping point demands the human eye to follow along with intrigue. I am definitely a sucker for trailing my temps in definitive lines for more contour and character, that's for dang straight. eh! eh! 😉

Metallic Temps Back

Metallic Temporary Tattoos Trail Blazers

So that's my shake down on how I flaunt my faux jewels. I'm thinking most of you who ordered them will probably be getting your temps any day now, so hopefully, you are newly excited to wear them. I can't wait to see all the creative ways you style your temps, so be sure to tag me (@whippycake) so I can see. If you didn't get to order some metallic temps yet, you can get them from Cents of Style like I do.

Shine on people, get your shine on!