In 30 years of living I have been down right blessed! Over the years I have come to realize that expecting exspensive presents and grand parties is never what makes a memorable or meaningful birthday.

The birthdays I will ALWAYS cherish are my Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) experiences I have shared with you in the past. While I have absolutely been dreading the unavoidable thirties I have anxiously been plotting and planning to make this birthday the most important and purposeful birthday of all time. Throughout the entire month of August I will be campaigning for MORE kindness in the world and raising money to fund ultimately inspiring and exciting acts of kindness to the most deserving individuals I can find.

I created this video to help promote my #KindessWanted campaign to spread the word and share the love.  My fundraiser is hosted through GoFundMe and I have set a goal to raise $30,000 over 30 days for my 30th birthday! I know $30k is so much money but I honestly believe with your help we can get there! Watch the video below:

The one and only thing I want for my birthday is to surpass my goal for $30k in fundraising. Instead of getting presents I just wanna GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! If you have always wanted to make someone's birthday dream come true, you have 3 rather easy ways to grant my birthday wish right now!

  1. Donate money to my Kindness Wanted fundraiser. My goal is $30,000, which I know is a lot of money but even if everyone who sees this video just donated $1 I think we could get there!  (100% of the proceeds will go to my #kindnesswanted fundraiser that will help fund 30 days of giving service to those who need it.)
  2. Complete your own RAOK's  as your gift to me.  Go out and be kind, then share your story with me so I can share it with the WHOLE WORLD! You can share your “kind” experiences with me by using the hashtag #kindnesswanted or email your stories to me at kindess (at) whippycake (dot) com.
  3. Spread the word! Repost, re-pin, retweet, re-gram and share this campaign with everyone! I would die of happiness to know people all over the world are implementing acts of kindness in their life to celebrate my birthday!

I cannot WAIT to see where this goes. I'm anxious, nervous, and happy all at once. Every time I think about the possibilities this fundraiser holds, I get overwhelmed and cry happy tears. I just want to help bring back the attitude of kindness that seems to be depleting in this world. If I can touch just one person's life, I will be so happy. Although my big goal is to raise $30,000 to fund 30 days of service acts, my number one hope is to just encourage and inspire others be kind to others. If cultivating kindness is all that comes of this, I will still consider this fundraiser a success!

If you are wanting to donate specific items from an online shop, partner up with this campaign, or have any referrals of people in your life who could use some special attention please share them with me via the web form below.

Thank you so much for even taking the time to read about my fantastic hopes and dreams for my 30th birthday. Your love and support always means so much to me!