Today we had a fun surprise for a a new friend who has been helping watch our kids recently.  This person is a single mom to 3 teenagers and she works around the clock, 6 days a week to provide for her kids and pay the rent.

I learned really quickly that she never says no to anyone and she is always willing and wanting to help people. She sometimes helps multiple families in the same day even if it means she doesn't get home till very late. What I appreciate and love so much about her is that she shows up with a huge smile on her face every time I see her. She is so happy you can't help but feel happy too and I just love how much she loves and plays with my kids when she is here.

Earlier this week I decided to plan a surprise for her so I asked her if she could work all day today and help me with my kids. When she came over I told her that it was all a trick and that I didn't need her to work at all but that I wanted to pay her to take the whole day off — a surprise day off!

I prepared some gift cards for her and her family to use together. My kids helped me give her movie tickets for her whole family, a gift card for them to all go out to dinner together, a gift card for them to use on groceries, and two gift cards for her to go shopping and indulge in some new clothes and pretties for herself. She was so surprised and gracious and I am just so thankful that she has been such an inspiration to me and a blessing to my family.

I am thankful for the opportunity to do something special for her and hope she will have new opportunities to pamper herself more often in the future, she deserves it so much!

gift cards

My kids helping out making gift cards

A Surprise Day Off

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you for supporting my Kindness Wanted fundraiser and for your encouragement. I know I am probably a weirdo or something for dreaming so BIG but I am so excited for these 30 days and what special experiences they have in store. Keep donating, spreading the word, and sending in your stories. Love you guys!