YAY! We finally have a winner for the Nail Wrap giveaway.  You can see the winner on the rafflecopter below. If you are the winner, please email me at: info (at) whippycake (dot) com. Don't worry, if you didn't win, Jamberry nail wraps have a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on right now! 🙂 You can order HERE. xoxo.

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You guys! I am so excited to kick off my official Jamberry launch party! You probably saw my Instagram post about my first experience using Jamberry wraps and my unexpected love affair with these newly discovered accessories.

Jamberry Nail wraps look like a nail sticker but they are sooooo much more! Instead of just sticking them on your nail like other nail stickers, Jamberry wraps are made with an adhesive that is heat activated to create a tight seal which makes them water proof and heat resistant once they cool.  It is seriously like shrink wrap… FOR YOUR NAILS.  I  can't even explain to you my excitement or shock when my first set of wraps stayed on my nails for TWO WEEKS!

I was getting so frustrated with paying a ton of money every two weeks two get Shellac only to go home and have one of them lift or chip and then have my nails get completely damaged in the process. I got such a huge influx of questions and inquires from that first photo I posted that I decided to do a full review for you guys on my YouTube channel.

Lots of you had questions about these nail wraps, such as, “How much are they?”, “How long do they last?”,  “Are they hard to put on and take off?”, “Is it necessary for me to purchase the Jamberry mini heater in order to apply them?”, etc. I thought it would be much easier to answer all of these questions in a video to demonstrate the products and the process.  A video also makes it easier to express all the many reasons I have fallen so deeply in love with these wraps! Hopefully after watching this Jamberry product review you will be able to decide if Jamberry Nails are for you. Here's the vid:

In my product review I also mention how these wraps can be worn on your toes and how they make Jamberry Juniors for little kids! I've had the Mirror Metallic Gold with the Metallic Gold Pinstripe on my toes for over 3 weeks now and they still look perfect! It just blows my mind!

Mirror Metallic Gold Nail Wraps

The tiny little prints they make for little girls are so adorable. My girls got so excited about the Sprinkles & Frosting set I got them that they actually sat still the whole time I put them on! I only did one nail with the wrap and then painted the rest bc I didn't want to waste the wraps if they weren't going to stay on. The polish came off after like one day and the wraps almost lasted two weeks! My obsession knows no bounds!

 Sprinkles & Frosting set

Junior Jam Nail Wraps

If you are interested in hosting a party or signing up to become a consultant for Jamberry, you can email me at: info (at) whippycake (dot) com.

And now, for the grand finale, what you have all be scrolling for…  THE  GIVEAWAY!!!  What better way to show you guys how much I love Jamberry Nail Wraps than to give some away for free to one lucky winner! The winner of this giveaway will win a $50 E-Gift Certificate to buy whatever they want from JamberryNails.com! The giveaway will close one week from today on August 6th. You can easily enter this giveaway by using the widget below.  a Rafflecopter giveaway At this time Jamberry Nails can only ship to the United States and Canada. 🙁