I am really happy to stop in and share a quick hair update with you! I have been getting a lot of questions and requests on my current cut and color, so I figured a post is absolutely necessary. I thought I would share some current pixie pictures and answer some of the general questions you guys have been asking lately.

Show Me, Homie!

First off, I get a lot of requests to see the back of my hair, so I did you one better and put together a little Pixie360 for you to see all the angles, plus a side by side you can print for your stylist if you need to.

Whippy Cake Pixie Cut 360 with All Angles

Whippy Cake Pixie 360


Who Did That?

I still go to Hair-Do Salon for my regular cut and color process. It is located on Val Vista and Baseline in Gilbert, Arizona. One of the reasons I love this salon so much is that the stylists are encouraged—and sometimes required—to take continuing education classes so their skills and techniques are well practiced and relevant to the current styles today.

Most of the stylists receive additional training specifically on short hairstyle cutting techniques to keep up with the pixie epidemic bestowed on us by Pinterest. Another thing that is so nice is when you call to make an appointment, you can tell them what you are wanting over the phone, and they will go out of their way to try to book you with a stylist who is the most practiced at the style you request, i.e., if you want red hair they will put you with a color expert, if you want short hair they will put you with a pixie pro.

Hair-Do Salon does an amazing job on my hair, and I honestly believe that having the right person do your hair can make or break your whole look! I am pretty sure the best way to get an appointment at this salon is to call: 539-7050 with the area code (480).

If you wanna' see what Hair-Do Salon looks like and get a feel for the experience, you can watch this fun behind the scenes video I made last time I went in to get a cut and color. Here's the video:

What Do You Put On It?

I also get requests for hair product suggestions for short hair. I know everyone's hair type varies, so I will have to do a series of posts to cover the different hair types and the products I recommend accordingly. I do have a handful of products I 100% recommend to anyone with short hair or a pixie cut, regardless of your hair type. Here are some of my favorite hair products you will see me using regularly and consistently:



How Do You Do That?

Most recently you have been asking me how I style my hair in the tousled semi- curled way I have been wearing it. I don't have a current tutorial on the exact way I styled it in this particular picture, but I do have two older YouTube videos that demonstrate some short hair curling techniques. The first is How to Curl Pixie Hair and the second one is How to do Retro Curls on a Pixie. I will for sure try and work on making an updated curled/tousled tutorial for you guys!

Retro Curls on a Pixie

Hopefully this post was helpful for you, and I was able to answer some of your questions! If you guys have any other questions for me or specific requests for a new tutorial (doesn't have to be pixie or hair related), comment below with your ideas. I will do my best to take your comments and suggestions into consideration when making my upcoming YouTube tutorials!

Thank you guys for always showing me the love! I am so blessed!