Uh oh! It looks like I have several weeks of blogging to catch up on :0 I've been working on various projects with various brands and people including  more recently Brickyard Buffalo. I was entirely happy to agree to participate as their Guest Editor last week and had so much fun selecting my favorite items to be featured and sold on Brickyard Buffalo all week long. I thought I would highlight some of my favorite brands and items that I hand selected for last week's feature!

I got both my older girls these Kitty dresses exclusively from BB and I proudly admit I let them wear them more than 3 days last week. We have gotten stopped so many times from people wanting to know where to get these little ditties and honestly my girls just LOVE these playful dresses so much! Such a great BB find.

Kitty Dress

We also got the Gold Leaf headband from BB and I was pleasantly surprised when it fit me and the girls. I love it when we can share things! Lo definitely rocks the headband the best with the contrast of her dark hair and bangs. She looks so regal.
Gold Leaf headband from BB

These silhouettes from Vonjet Silhouettes are absolutely stunning. I am in the middle of having one made for each member in my family for the focal point in my living room and I cannot even wait! They are so classic and beautiful I just know we will cherish them forever!


I took a risk on these floral pants from BB. I LOVE me some big ol' baggy pants but “big” and “baggy” aren't exactly descriptive words for things that are flattering. Large print and billowing material can easily turn into unflattering volume on a lower figure like myself but surprisingly these pants are more attractive than I dared hope! Floral, breezy, comfortable… they are everything I could have hoped for in a pair of pants!

floral pants from BB

I don't normally wear a skirt to the pool but this striped skirt from BB is so light and airy it makes for the perfect swimsuit coverup. The transparent fabric is beautiful in the light and it also looks awesome layered on top of another skirt on date night. It's kind of a rare thing to find a skirt that fits in at the pool and at church!
striped skirt from BB

OK, so Moorea Seal is one of those sites you could spend hours on looking in her shop and catching up on her blog. I have kind of been on a sunglasses kick so I  picked out a few sexy sunnies to go in my top BB picks last week.
sunglasses kick

You all have seen me post about House of Mia and her fabulous blankets, beanies, leggings, and headbands. I think I will shed a little tear when the day comes that Ivory is too big for her swaddling blankets. I have grown so attached to them and when I see them I am reminded of how tiny Ivory used to be. I had to include House of Mia in my top favs because everyone needs a memory photo of their baby swaddled like this, I am seriously getting baby hungry for a newborn just looking at this photo of her.

fabulous blankets

I picked out a few new items for my home last week too. I always go for the clothes and accessories so it was a nice change to look for something new to brighten up my office space. I picked out a little planter with an air plant in it from Sea & Asters that is seriously the coolest thing! I didn't know there was even such a thing as an air plant!

The other gem I found (pun intended) is the Gem Speaker from Ban.Do. I always drool over all the Ban.Do hair accessories but when I saw speakers shaped like a gem I was all over that.  Holy smokes, we all fight over this thing at my house! It is so fun to use and on top of that the sound is pretty amazing! I have been listening to the Chandelier by Sia over and over again, I just love that song!

Gem Speaker from Ban.Do

The boss always teases me about my fetish for Mexican embroidered anything I can get my hands on, he secretly loves it too I think. I am just so happy that embroidery is trending and is now socially acceptable to wear however I want! I have a whole bunch of muumuus including this one I wear to the pool as a swim coverup and I was in embroidery heaven when I paired my muumuu with this Pom Pom bag. I hope that Brickyard Buffalo brings this bag back and anything similar because I never get tired of the embroidered colors and prints.
Pom Pom bag

I also acquired my very first pair of salt water flats from Navy Perl. These suckers are like wearing a hug around my feet! I wasn't sure about them at first but I am convinced now and I absolutely LOVE them. I for sure want to get a white pair now because white will always be my color.
salt water flats from Navy Perl

I am 100% jealous of Lo and this little girls swimsuit. I will straight up beg if I need to to convince Albion Fit to make this style in adult sizes! It's incredibly feminine and classy plus I think it's a step up from the expected hot pink, ruffled, sparkling swimsuits that  Lo usually picks out.
Kids on SwimsuitAs a hoarder of makeup I had to include at least one cosmetic and I was itching to test out Maskcara's HAC Pack. I've been doing all sorts of fun experimenting with highlighting and contouring. You know I love to play with makeup!

HAC pack

Tell me you guys stalk Little Hip Squeaks as much as I do? I just want to hoard all the prints and patterns and hang them around my house like decorations. I love how all the prints coordinate together too. Also, on a practical side I am a fan of the soft and stretchy materials because Ivory does not like to feel restricted by her clothes.
Little Hip Squeaks Ivory

Just wanted to say “Thank you!” AGAIN to Brickyard Buffalo for having me last week and for the opportunity to share some of my favorite things on their site! Let's do it again soon mmm'kay?!