Mother's Day is coming up pretty soon so I thought I would share some MOM posts between now and then! It seems like so many of my friends and family are trying to get pregnant, expecting already (including TWO of my sisters, both expecting in August), adopting,  just had a baby, or are like me and are already being overrun by littles at home.

Hopefully over this series of posts you will

a) Discover new products that will change and improve your life.

b) Learn from my story and experiences through pregnancy, delivery and raising 4 kids.

c) Have a good laugh and cry with me at all the mistakes, joys, and silly things I have done along the way.

Lots of you have asked about my robe from Plum Pretty Sugar every time I wear it in a picture on Instagram or Facebook so today I am sharing about PPS and why it's one of my favorite brands and first on my list for gift suggestions for moms.

I got my first PPS robe the week I had Ivory and it came just in time! I have the Beckoning Creatures knee length kimono robe in Indian cotton voille. I think I made an emotional connection to this robe right away because I would wear it to visit Ivory in the NICU so I could have skin to skin time with her easily without having to awkwardly shed layers of clothing.

I get a little teary thinking of those two weeks of monitors beeping and tubes everywhere and my private moments embracing her. I am probably silly for doing so but I form attachments with things (like this robe) with direct ties to special memories, as if wearing the robe will make her a tiny new born again…

Baby Ivory


Aside from my emotion ties to this robe there is a long list of reason I highly recommend getting a PPS robe and all sorts of reasons to wear them! I adore all the lovely prints they offer, feminine, whimsical, and happy prints that will make you feel and look beautiful.

I also love the materials they use. As you know I live in Arizona (surface of the sun) so the cotton is absolutely perfect for me! It covers just enough but it's light weight and breezy so I don't feel like I am wearing a sweat suit.

PPS robe

Whippy Cake Wearing PPS Robe

Whippy Cake with Baby Ivory

Wearing Makeup

Plum Pretty Sugar Robe

Baby Ivory

Me and my baby

Here's are some more reasons I recommend giving the gift of Plum Pretty Sugar:

  • Extensive variety of garments to choose from, not just robes!
  • Ample choice of designs and prints site wide.
  • Multiple material options like silk or cotton (my favorite!)
  • They offer gift sets
  • They have matching little girl sizes (for flower girls, junior bridesmaids, and little sisters etc.)
  • They sell accessories too like makeup bags, headbands and sleeping masks
  • I love their pretty packaging!
  • They are so useful and practical.

Here is list of all the reasons  and scenarios I wear my PPS robe:

  • Perfect for nursing or feeding Ivory. Nothing is worse then clothes that smell like bitter milk.
  • After a shower. I don't like to get dressed until I am fully ready mainly because clothes are just hot.
  • Blow drying my hair. Again, clothes are hot and towel don't stay on.
  • Makeup application. Weather I am doing my own makeup or a client, neither of us want makeup on our clothes in case of an accident.
  • Swim suit cover up. To protect everyone eye from my pasty white vampire skin I like to keep covered as long as possible.
  • Beach cover. Lighter and prettier than a towel.
  • Spa day. I feel presentable in a robe but still comfortable.
  • TV time. Yes I watch TV (guilty) and yes I wear my robe.
  • Before and after bubble baths. Baths, they are my thing.
  • Pajama party! Ok, I haven't had a pajama party in mine yet but now I have a reason to.

Now it probably sounds like I live in my robe now but I have yet to wear it in public or in a meeting or something. I'm just saying I love PPS and I know it will be the perfect gift for you or your mother, wouldn't you agree? If you have any questions about my robe you can just ask me, I promise to give you the scoop. 😉