Buckle up for a boat load of pictures. It is such a rare thing for these two girls to a) get along, b) play quietly, and c) let me take endless photos of them, which means you get to endure a fury of photos from our story time!

I have been collecting Little Golden Books since I had my first baby and some of them are from before I was born, so I keep them up high except for fun and rare occasions like this. We also just got this custom tee pee from Dolly & Frances, and it has been moved from room to room in our house for the kids to play in.

I'm not going to lie, I secretly sit inside the tee pee by myself. There is something so whimsical and nostalgic about taking refuge within the vintage floral prints, handmade flowers, and lace details. I will just have to smile and live vicariously through my kids while they enjoy the magic of playing inside this spectacular fabricated fort, lucky little things!

DIY Reading Nook

Reading Time

Kids with DIY Reading Nook

Vintage Floral Nook

DIY Reading Nook With Kids Reading

Little Dempsey Playing

Reading Nook and Playing Area

Playing Together

Little Golden Books

Kids Reading Little Golden Books

Kids enjoying their DIY Reading Nook

Knots for the Nook

Dempsey having a great time

London bringing her booksarranging the books in their nookkids sleeping inside the nook