Raise your hand if you watch Shark Tank! The Boss and I LOVE that show. We don’t get a lot of extra free time together to do things with just the two us so when we have something we both like, like this show, we celebrate it like a holiday. We have discovered some of our favorite brands and products through watching Shark Tank and I reached out to one of them personally to bring you the following discount and a giveaway. Remember how I said the Boss is super hard to shop for because he never wants anything? When we watched the episode with Mission Belts Co. Bret got out his laptop and went to the Mission Belt website almost immediately. He ordered 3 different belts and watching him narrow it down to just those three was a little like watching him pick his Fantasy Football team, serious stuff you guys. He chose Vader, Bronze and Battleship. I am getting ahead of myself, the concept behind these belts is pure genius, Bret loves the ratcheting buckle and I LOVE that when you buy a belt you feed a family.



If you watch [this] video you will see how the ratcheting buckle works plus they even have a video on how to trim the belt down to size so you don’t have a belt strap sticking out of your pants like a goofy looking appendage. Another thing I find so attractive about the Mission Belts are that the buckles can be interchanged, there are so many colors of leather to choose from and even more buckles to choose from. You know how much I like interchangeable things and switching them up! Aside from designing some striking hardware to hold up your pants I am quite the fan of the company mission. Mission Belt Co. has partnered with Kiva to donate $1 for every belt sold and they put that money towards the battle against global hunger and poverty through micro lending. I really like how the name of the company alone is a constant reminder of their focus to help people break out of the poverty cycle which needless to say is the company mission, hence the name “Mission Belts”. I just spent a good chunk of my night reading some of the inspiring success stories that were able to transpire because of Mission Belt and their contribution to others who are working hard to survive.

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You can imagine how happy it makes me to collaborate with Mission Belt Co. for this giveaway, and right before Christmas and everything! It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. I get to giveaway a Vader belt (their number one seller!) to one of you lucky readers plus I also get to offer a discount to EVERYONE!  To cash in on the discount use the promo code “WHIPPYCAKE10” during checkout to get 10% off your entire Mission Belt purchase. And now, you only need to do 2 things to enter the giveaway to win a free Vader belt.

1. Follow Mission Belt Co. on Facebook and Instagram and then confirm it by leaving a comment below. 2. Help spread the word about this promo and giveaway by tagging two friends on [this] post on Instagram.

Each step will earn you one entry and and then I will post the winner at the top of this post on Monday, December 23rd. Remember, sharing is caring! :)



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