I have always loved Coco Chanel's quote

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

I feel like the more confidence and class a woman possesses the more beautiful she is to both men and women and the more respect she will gain from her peers.

Some may roll their eyes or think me to be cliche when I encourage women to dress for themselves and what makes them feel beautiful rather than dress how they think other people will find attractive or sexy. After all, “sexy” is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.

I put together my translation of a sexy but beautiful ensemble for Valentine's Day. It's both romantic and feminine and the silhouette has plenty of curves for shape. What makes this outfit sexy is the nude colors which make you think about bare skin without actually seeing it and the lace and ruffles are very reminiscent of what lingerie is made of. So without showing any major cleavage or hiking up your skirt you are already toying with the subconscious without lowering your standards and you can feel confident in yourself knowing that you look and feel tasteful and classy. It's also nice to know that any part of you won't pop out of your clothing throughout the night.

Classy and Fabulous Romantic outfitTo polish off this ensemble I added a few timeless pieces of jewelry. I love me some sparkle but I didn't want to over do things with too much bling. I always say if you are going to over do it with jewelry you have to REALLY over do it to the point that the jewelry becomes the statement of the whole ensemble.

In this particular case I didn't want to detract from the outfit itself so I chose some chunky but traditional and translucent earrings so they are there but not disrupting the flow of the outfit. I also chose 3 gold bracelets, one bangle with a clasp, one faceted gemstone to tie in with the earrings and one gold link chain. Each are subtle individually but add a bit more drama all together. I also threw in a chunky detail ring with a blush stone and a ruffled rhinestone headband.

I don't always wear that much jewelry but since it's a special occasion I upped the ante. The shoes might be my favorite. It could be the color that's so subdued, the velvety suede finish or the gold spike heel but whatever it is I just think these shoes are ingeniously sexy!
Sexy Gold ShoesJewelry Headband Classy Jewelry and Skirt

So if you came to me and asked me to put together something romantic for you to wear on your date tonight this would pretty be what it would look like. What are your plans for tonight and do you already have your outfit picked out???