If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram this week you know that The Boss and I are vacationing in the Cayman Islands courtesy of Infusionsoft. I am so proud of Bret for working his little tush off at work for the last year and that he was able to win this trip.

He most definitely deserves it and I am just excited I get to benefit from his hard work in such an exciting way! I thought that since so many of you have had questions about what I am wearing and using during the trip I should share some of the things I considered necessities for this trip. Hopefully these suggestions will help you get ready just in time for Spring Break!

12 Things I Take to the Beach

10 things I take to the beach

Bathing suit, sunglass, and phone

1. Bandeau swimsuit from Target

I'm not much of a swimmer due to several surgeries on my ears so my swimsuits are pretty much an extension of my wardrobe. Shopping for a swimsuit in February didn't prove to be easy but after hitting up the mall and several department stores without any luck I decided to check Target as a last ditch effort. I found the black bandeau suit and the jail stripe halter for $20 each. Score!

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must especially with the sun bouncing off the water all up in my face. Remember that one time I was a hoarder? Oh wait, still am! I have quite the collection of sunglasses so I'm excited to have a reason to be mixing it up in the sun with my arsenal of shades. I found these white sunglasses at TJ Maxx.

3. iPhone

This should really be #1 because I would probably curl into the fetal position without my phone. Even though we don't have cellular service I have been using the resort wifi to Instagram and Facebook some pics during the trip.

Things to have on the beach

4. Facial Wipes

My friend Rennai introduced me to these facial wipes by Kirklands and I am hooked. I love that they travel so well and that they are handy after getting sticky from the humidity and salt water or when I'm far too lazy before bed to wash my face in the sink after a looong day of doing nothing. These wipes are incredibly smooth on my skin and VERY hydrating. Just get some, you will be obsessed too I promise!

5. Matte Lip Tint by Tarte

Yes I wear makeup (and jewelry) to the beach. Vacations are meant to include all things which make you feel happy and pampered and oh my, does makeup make me happy. With that being said you don't really need full on makeup at the beach so I recommend a fun pop of color on the lips. Usually the beach is pretty humid and sticky so I stay away from lip gloss or other gooey cosmetics because I am not a fan of my hair, the sand or the elements sticking to my mouth, that's why I LOVE these matte lip tints by Tarte. They have great colors, they don't smudge and they last for hours. I brought Fiery (red) and Exposed (nude) and I give them two thumbs way up!

6. Hello Flawless Powder and Japonesque powder brush

Again with the makeup on the beach? Oh yes! If I am even just a little bit warm I get flushed and my face starts changing 50 shades of red so I NEED to wear some type of coverage for my own sense of confidence. Since my skin gets a bit dewy on the beach from the humidity I use a powder  foundation for a matte finish to fight the shine. This Hello Flawless has incredible coverage and the finish is velvety smooth! It also has SPF15 in it for protection for my skin, bonus! With powder it's all about the application so I demand a decent brush and this mineral brush is pretty much heaven sent and the high end quality of it gives a natural looking finish.

7. EOS Lip Balm

Sun = dry chapped lips, however, I win this battle with this yummy lip balm that's  moisturizing, has vitamin E and isn't sticky or tacky so I don't collect sand or other gritty yucky yucks sticking to the lip balm. Lets talk about how much I love the lemon flavor…. it taste of summer and sunshine! Also, this is probably weird but I like that it's shaped like a ball because it makes it so easy to find in the bottom of my bag since it's such an unusual form.

8. Pink Chiffon Hand Sanitizer

No one likes dirty or sticky hands which is why I carry around something to wash off the sand and the salt water, plus I pretty much need the scent of Pink Chiffon in my life all day long.

9. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 

After the terrible tanning bed incident of 2006 I vowed to avoid the sun and all other UV rays as much as humanly possible. You can only imagine how white a person can get after 6 years without sun tanning. I know the Boss isn't a fan of my ghost like skin so I vamped things up a bit and got a spray tan before the trip. During my Target run when I found the swimsuits and my Essie Sleek Sticks I decided to try this stuff to help my spray tan last longert. Dude! I'm a believer. This stuff goes on easily and evenly and has a very mild smell (usually sunless tanners REEK!) plus I've been getting tons of compliments on how naturally tan I look. I will be keeping this stuff in my tool box from now on. It's a keeper.

10. Sunscreen

If I get another freckle on my shoulders I might cry. This girl does not like UV rays yo! I am a big believer in protecting yourself from skin cancer and protecting your skin from turning into a raisin so I always rock the SPF. We have been using this spray stuff I picked up on my Target haul and I haven't gotten a single hint of pink or red so I'll definitely use this kind again. The bonus is for sure the spray can, it is so easy to apply and gets to all the hard to reach places. I like that I don't have to rub anything in or worry about giving myself a sunscreen/ sand exfoliating body scrub. Ouch!

11. Beach Bag

You gotta have something to put all the goods in! I purchased this bag from the Queen Bee Market in San Diego a few years ago and it is just big enough to fit everything in it, yet small enough to carry around all day without becoming a nuisance. I for sure love the bright summer floral print material the most though.

12. Sony NEX 5r Mirrorless Camera

I can't very well take a vacation without documenting through pictures so I can remember every minute of it. Besides, who knows when I will ever take a break like this again! The Boss got me this camera for Christmas (best surprise of the year)! I had been researching it for a while since our last compact camera broke and I was intrigued by the mirror-less camera aspect. Peeps! This thing does everything, I'm sure if it had hands it would change diapers but most importantly it takes gorgeous pictures and high definition videos. I will for sure be doing a full post on why everyone in the world needs one of these bad boys but for now just know I strongly recommend this for all bloggers, vacationers and parents or anyone else with an index finger to push the shutter button. Below are a few pics we have taken with it so far.

Sony NEX 5r mirrorless camera

Whippy Cake on the Beach

Brett on the Beach

We are enjoying the beach!