Hope your are having a happy New Year so far in 2013! I feel like the new year officially starts for me this week since I was out of town and finishing up major projects for the majority of last week. Before I can really crack down and focus on the new year though I like to reminisce about all the good times from the year before, so here's my quick insta-recap of 2012 through my Instagram feed.


1. First attempt at a faux hawk on my pixie cut. Liked it enough to keep it going all year long.
2. Adjusted to having THREE kids and enjoyed having a newborn for the brief second she was a tiny baby.
3. Took an obscene amount of pictures of baby girl.
4. Set aside some one on one time w/ Kingston and London.

New baby


1. Went on a mini vacation w/ the Boss to San Francisco.
2. Snuggled with a bear.
3. London's artistic side manifested itself.
4. Confessed to having a tattoo (I might have more than one :0.

February Instagram Photos


1. Hostest a few Fix Friday events at my house.
2. Golden learned to smile.
3. Got my teeth whitened for the first time.
4. Destroyed my studio topped to bottom a time or two.

March Photos


1. Converted a room into a styling studio.
2. Spoke about Branding at InfusionCon. This was on my bucket list and a complete honor to do so!
3. Discover hair shadow and went a bit overboard.
4. Spoke at SNAP the conference and had more fun than I could handle!

April Fun Instagram Shots


1. Took Golden w/ me on a few business trips and showed her off in person.
2. Took a rest from all the traveling and snuggled on the couch.
3. Designed a few head wraps for a future WC collection.
4. Attended the Breathing Space retreat at Daybreak and had fun dressing up for the a house wife dinner party.

May - Dinner Party


1. Redecorated my sitting room.
2. Binged on ice cream all summer long.
3. Captured the many faces of baby Golden.
4. Had some more mom moments with my kids between all the public speaking and traveling.

Month of June Photos


1. Designed one of my favorite collections ever of head wraps for kids.
2. Golden learned how to make this face.
3. London started her jewelery making career and got obsessed with beading.
4. Discovered my favorite toner ever! (it's T-14 by Wella) Seriously, it's life changing.



1. Received a surprise visit from my twin brother Brad and Dempsey had Golden amended to her name.
2. Turned 28 and plotted 28 random acts of kindness for my birthday. (Very personal experience close to my heart but the Boss is working on me to get me to post about it, maybe soon?).
3. Took a girls weekend with my 4 sisters. This is us doing one of my favorite things (painting pottery) in one of my favorite places (Utah).
4. Kingston started kindergarten! (I have a kid in public school! What is happening?).

August Instagram Photos


1. Golden was horribly sick for the majority of the month. We went to urgent care a time or two but she pulled through.
2. I got a prescription for glasses. Darn near-sitedness!
3. Spent a lot more one on one time with London while Kingston was in school.
4. Discovered the most amazing blanket pattern from The Stitch House. (it is life changing enough to include in this post).

September shots with the kids


1. A horribly dirty hair week turned into a parade of hats week.
2. Hosted my first Smash Ball and went on to host 2 more in Utah and Arizona in December.
3. Expanded our family with a fluffy little bunny I call Boyfriend.
4. Made some homemade Halloween costumes that were worth every stitch!

October Instagram


1. Had our family pics taken by the ever talented Rennai.
2. It almost got cold enough to wear a jacket in Az. Almost.
3. Introduced Golden to the good stuff. (jk she just likes the straw).
4. I voted.

November Photos


1. Golden broke my heart and turned 1 years old and I don't have a baby any more.
2. Went back to Utah for Christmas with family and loved ones and took a bajillion photos of the snow.
3. Had one of the most memorable and enjoyable Christmases ever. Loved having kids old enough to act out the nativity scene as well. Tear.
4. Had the ultimate girls weekend ever with some true friends for a #smashaffair. This was the ultimate way to end the year and I'm already looking forward to our next fling.

December Photos  - Golden turning 1

Obviously there was a lot more to 2012 than all that but those were certainly some of my favorite pictures and memories from the whole year. It feels like it all passed in a split second but I'm hoping to savor every moment of 2013. I'll be taking the rest of this week to highlight some of the ultimate experiences from 2012 as well as talking about some things to look forward to in 2013. I hope you will be around to see it!