So entirely sorry to wait to the very last minute to post the winners today. Majorly bad food poisoning has interrupted my day.  To cheer myself up though I selected our very lucky winners at random and my mom even helped me choose them. Big fat major “YAY!!!!” To the following winners.

Haley Cutler – Utah Smash Ball Ticket

Corrine Loftus – Arizona Smash Ball Ticket

Lacey Winn – Swag Bag

Jenn Camling – Swag Bag

Congratulations big time!

***Please please contact me ASAP to claim your prize at becki (at) whippycake (dot) com. ***



So so sooooooo excited for the upcoming Smash Ball events coming up in Utah and Arizona. There’s a whole host of reasons I am just thrilled to be hosting these events but the most recent reason is the new sponsor addition of K&Company. They have contributed boxes and boxes of Smash products you will totally appreciate and adore. It has been so fun to see the scrap bar inventory grow into this vast array of heavenly paper crafting jambalaya! Since I know some of you don’t know what a smash book is or have never heard of a Smash Ball I made a video demonstration today to show off some of the Smash products and talk about the Smash Ball as well. It’s a little long and blabby but hopefully it’s somewhat informative.


Here’s a better closeup on some of the awesome Smash products up close!

Tomorrow I head to Utah to start prepping for the Smash Ball in Provo and I cannot wait to escape this 80+ degree weather! I was just mailing out private invitations to all the guests who already bought tickets and I realized I still have some available. I can’t have any spots unfilled because that would just be a waste of fun so I thought I better host a little giveaway to help promote and spread the word! Due to my already crazy schedule next year I don’t think that I will be hosting any more Smash Ball events in the near future so this could be your last chance to attend. I will be giving away ONE ticket to the Smash Ball in Provo, Utah on Saturday, December 8th and ONE ticket to the Smash Ball in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday, December 15th. Since it’s not very well fair for me to only reward those in Utah and Arizona I will also be giving away a swag bag from each event to 2 winners anywhere in the world.

Here is how you enter:

1. Help spread the word by sharing this giveaway and info about the Smash Ball events through Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest or Instagram and post the link in a comment below.
2. When you post your social media share in a comment also add your prize preference by including “Utah” if you want to win a ticket to the Utah Smash Ball, “Arizona” if you want a ticket to the Arizona Smash Ball or “Swag Bag” if you don’t live near either event but still want the chance to win one of the two swag bags up for grabs.
3. You get one entry for EACH social media share!

I will announce all of the winners on Wednesday, December 5th in this post so be sure to come back and check!

Thanks so much for your help in getting these events sold out peeps!



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