I can hardly believe it's 2013 already! It's a shocker but to be honest I am glad. 2012 got pretty ugly at times for me. So many wonderful things happened in 2012 but when I look back as a whole I feel like this past year has done a number on me and to be frank I am ready for a new year.  On the up side I've spent the last days of 2012 with close friends and family and have had some spare time to contemplate the pending year and what I want it to be.

I felt like last year I was sort of in victim mode, just trying to survive the daily on-slot of responsibilities, tasks and trials and so for 2013 I've made a decision to be on the offensive side for a change. I plan to attack this new year instead of letting it attack me. I think one of the reasons last year was a never ending struggle was because I didn't set any resolutions or goals.

I pretty much spent last year bumping around in life with no direction, just hoping I wouldn't fall off any cliffs or crash into anything tragic. My mentality last year was that if I didn't set any goals I wouldn't feel like a failure for not achieving them but instead I ended the year feeling defeated anyways.

This year I intend to be overly ambitions and to set big goals and little goals, physical goals and emotional goals, superficial goals and life changing goals… I know that the chances of me conquering every single goal I set is minute but I also know if you reach for the stars you won't end up with a hand full of mud. In other words, I'll be setting lot's of goals but instead of punishing myself for the goals that fall off my plate I will be celebrating my growth and progress from trying to achieve those goals.

So there 2013!

One Little Word 2013 - Lovelyimg by Bryn Hobson


I spent this past weekend with some very special friends of mine who introduced me to the One Little Word challenge by Ali Edwards. I love how Ali defines the purpose of your One Little Word (OLW), she says

You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.”

Since I just found out about this OLW business I didn't have time for a word to find me so I spent 2 days thinking about which word I wanted to be my theme for 2013.

The word I chose for 2013 is “LOVELY“. The definition of lovely is:

1.  having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or face.

2. of a great moral or spiritual beauty.

In my life (especially this past year) I've witnessed and heard some ugly things, depressing things, and angry things with no exception to the Connecticut shooting. It seems that in order to adapt to the rapidly hardening world people in general have become more rough around the edges and hard in their hearts. It's become the norm to expect the worst in people instead of acknowledging the good in them.

I cannot deny that there is darkness and ugliness in the world and that it threatens our families and friends daily. It creeps into our hearts and it distracts us from the beauty all around us and the loveliness within each of us. I am compelled to think of the phrase “be the change you want to see”.

I find myself bitter and resentful for the lack of  kindness, selflessness, and old fashion consideration on the planet, but how can I be if I am not exerting every effort to balance the forces of evil (yah, I just say that?).  And thus, “LOVELY” has become my word to remind me to do the following:

– say and feel lovely things towards people
– invite myself and those around me to participate in lovely acts of service and charity
– block out those around me with ugliness in their hearts
– inspire lovely thoughts in those who know or meet me
– cultivate a lovely feeling in my home and workspace
– instil lovely manners in my children
– generate lovely emotions and tenderness in my marriage
– target the lovely qualities that God has instilled in me and use them to fulfill his will
– fortify my heart and self esteem against things and people who might wish to exploit doubt, negativity or faulty thoughts

As I read over this list I am anxious for the new year to begin. I am ready to begin my intervention on the world around me and to start infusing life with whatever loveliness I can muster up.

So for my first 2013 goal I am taking Ali's One Little Word online workshop to keep “LOVELY” in the forefront of my mind all year long. Today is the last day to sign up for this workshop so if you are at all interested in joining the challenge you better pop on over and sign up stat! I would love to know who else is taking this challenge and what your OLW's are, maybe we can inspire and motivate one another?

One Little World Could Make a Big Impactimg by Ali Edwards


As another reminder of my OLW I made this leather cuff with the friends who introduce me to this challenge. I love the simplicity of this cuff and I am sure you will be seeing it in a lot of my #WIW posts. You should totally go check out the cuffs @houseofsmiths, @rhonnafarrer, @justagirl and @jamiesoucy made. LOVE!



I also went online and found a bunch of prints I want to hang around in my home and studio as additional visual reminders. I love me some LOVELY artwork!

Lovely Artworkimg from Lindsay Letters


Hello Lovelyimg from My Nest on Etsy


I love my Familyimg from Tuesday Morning on Etsy


You Look Lovely Todayimg from Making It Lovely


You're a whole lot of lovelyimg by Bespoke Letterpress