I was practically harassed by the entire state of Utah (ok, more like 50 people)  to host a Smash Ball there and so alas I have conceded and will be coming to a location near you. I gotta say that the universe was working against me on this event including the location. I almost gave up on my quest to bring smashing to Utah, not to worry, I dug my heels in and I spent about two weeks working emails and phone calls and moving my schedule around to MAKE THIS HAPPEN! So ya’ll better show up because my kids aren’t getting Christmas presents this year…. (jk, I just made that up to win your sympathy). The bottom line is I’m coming, Smash Ball in Utah is happening no matter what, and it’s gonna be epic!  Here are the event deets:


The cost per tickets is $70 and each ticket gets you an exclusive invite package in the mail with a pre Smash Ball gift. At the Smash Ball each guest will receive a swag bag loaded with beautiful gifts for you to keep, free access to the scrap bar throughout the night, light fair and beverages all evening, your name submitted to the numerous giveaways, and of course admission into the Smash Ball.  I will  have a variety of Smash Books for sale at this engagement in case you don’t already have one.  There  are 40 tickets available on a first come first serve basis.  I hate that tickets are so limited but it makes for an intimate and exclusive engagement.

To register simply click on the ticket below to purchase through a secure online order form and you will receive an email confirmation followed by another email later on with additional info on the Smash Ball including what to bring and what to expect if you are a virgin to smashing.

I am thoroughly pleased that we will be spending the evening inside the gorgeous walls of historic Southworth Hall. Southworth is this fab reception hall with a castle vibe that’s reminiscent of what fairy tales are made of.  You will totally flip when you see what a beautiful venue it is! Here are a few teaser photos from inside the hall.

I will leak more pictures later, along with details on the fabulous sponsors. If you’ve never heard of a Smash Ball before be sure to check out the posts on the last Ball [here] and [here].  For those of you in Arizona who haven’t heard yet there are still a few tickets left for the Arizona Smash Ball coming up on December 15th. Can’t wait to hang out with you and smash the night away!


PS. If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a Smash Ball please contact me at becki (at) whippycake (dot) com


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