For those of you that didn't get to attend the Smash Ball, and for those who are curious about what a Smash Ball is, this post is for you. I have to say that I was really nervous because this was my first time hosting a paid event, but thanks to the sponsors, the girls who helped me get it all together, and of course, all those who came, it became quite the spectacle. I can't speak for everyone, but it exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely can't wait for the next one!

To begin the night, the attendees got to shop around throughout the glorious FOUND for unique vintage nicknacks, furniture, and home accents, while the Smash Ball crew readied the details. The thing I love about FOUND is it is constantly evolving, and they really do find top of the line goods for the store. I'm more excited for Restyle Source to launch—I am anxious for their design inspiration and referrals!

FOUND Smash Ball


After shopping, everyone headed upstairs to sign in and get their hands on their custom handmade swag bags. You would think a tapestry clutch with lace and tassels would be all the swag a girl could need, but that just doesn't cut it at a Smash Ball. Inside each bag were hoards of lovely things like headwraps from the super fab Vintage Rose Wraps, some smellies from Bath and Body Works, versatile paper pads and die cuts from Studio Calico, ever adorable mini chalkboard clips from Fawn & Fora, some Whippy Cake, of course, adorably cheeky post cards designed by Yellow Heart Art, neat little smash book kits from We Love Citrus, and some MORE pretty things like washi tape, handmade earrings, miniature party banners, a bracelet and ring… I think you get the picture.

custom handmade swag bags


It took us a while to calm down from all the excitement of the swag, but somehow, we managed long enough for me to introduce the ladies to the scrap bar.  The scrap bar is basically a buffet of supplies and materials with a myriad of beautiful trinkets for attendees to pillage through to use in their smash books. The best way to describe the scrap bar is with pictures!

scrap bar

buffet of supplies and materials

Scrap Bar with materials


I also felt obliged to draw attention to the opposite side of the room, as well, where all the decadent treats and beverages were. Crissy G. saw to it that the food looked so flawless that we almost dared not touch anything to avoid tarnishing the gorgeous display she put together.

Once that first bite was had though, the gluttony followed, seeing that everything tasted as yummy as it looked. I would pay a fine price for one of those apple shooters right now, actually! I love the way she used the perfect printables sponsored by The TomKat Studio.

Decadent Treats


If we weren't delighting ourselves at the treat table or binging at the scrap bar, we were most likely working on our smash books or gaining inspiration and ideas from all the creative girls that were there. I took advantage, while I could, and walked around peeking at everyone's layouts and clever covers. There was no shortage of creativity or energy.

working on our smash books


Here is where I stopped to refuel. (Diet Dr. Pepper, it speaks to my soul.)

Diet Dr. Pepper


There was also quite a bit of texting, tweeting, Instagraming, and Facebooking that happened up in the joint. You can follow along by searching the hashtag #smashball to see the event from the attendees' point of view.



There were endless photo opportunities….

goofing around


… aaaaaand more trips to the scrap bar.

trips to the scrap bar

I think the real highlight of the night was watching me make the following face every time I ventured to pick a winner for each of the numerous giveaways throughout the night.

pick a winner


And now for some photos from the attendees of the Smash Ball. Thank you all, in advance, for allowing me to take it upon myself to use your images without your permission. You are very kind. 😉

Attendees of Smash Ball

It was so much fun, you guys!!! The absolute best part is we get to do it again! I've already got a date and location planned for a UTAH Smash Ball (boooyah!). Keep the last weekend in November open because tickets will be on sale soon! Doesn't it feel like the holiday season just got a little bit brighter already?


I absolutely must say THANK YOU again to all the fabulous sponsors. The Smash Ball would not have been so smashing without you! Please check them out individually and show them some love for their beautiful contributions to this event.

***If you are interested in sponsoring a Smash Ball in the future, please email me directly at becki (at) whippycake (dot) com.***