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Oh my how the time flies! I have to admit I feel an extraneous amount of guilt for the time it has taken to prepare the Cross Your Heart collection. The past few months have been disordered to say the least but it’s been a fun and entertaining harem-scarum for the most part.  Ok, so the bad news is I still don’t know the exact day the Cross Your Heart collection will go live but it will be this week and I promise to shout it from the mountain tops when it does so everyone has a chance to snag a shiny new accessory for themselves. The happy news is that I have a line up of portly blog posts coming up this week with an exorbitant amount of photos for you to binge on. So hows about I kick off this hoopla of a week with a Cross Your Heart Giveaway!?!


You get to help me spread the word about my new collection on facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, your blog, or whatever strikes your fancy and for each social media share you earn an entry to win THREE headbands from my new Cross Your Heart collection. Just be sure to use #whippycake as your hashtag when posting via social media. You can leave a comment on this post with a link each time you share. The giveaway winner will be announced this Friday (10/19/12) right here in this post.

Stay tuned to see the full collection soon, hugs and kisses!

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