Over the summer I bought myself my first smash book, with good intentions of documenting the beginnings of Golden’s life and the ins and outs of our growing chaotic family. Good intentions turned into procrastination, which turned into an overwhelming sense of “HOLY COW my baby is already 9 months old!” Then it hit me, like a Mack truck to the face; if I had a smashing party with my friends, we could motivate and inspire each other in documenting life’s sweet moments and then I’d HAVE to fill in my smash book. Ladies and more ladies, you are hereby cordially invited to the first ever:

Smash Ball

Thursday, October 4th 2012
from 7pm until 11pm

the Smash Ball will be held at
FOUND by Domestic Bliss
166 West Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201

$35 per ticket

As hostess of the Smash Ball, I guarantee an over the top evening of socializing, snacking, and all the smash booking you can pack into four hours. Some of the most creative companies have sponsored the Smash Ball and each guest will have access to a dream buffet of scrap materials in addition to getting their own stash to take home. However, like any fairytale dream come true, the magic is limited to 35 guests. To find out more and get your personal invitation and ticket, register [HERE]. Once you purchase your ticket you will receive a special package in the mail containing a surprise and additional details of what to expect and what to bring to the ball.


Don’t know what a smash book is? Watch this video. If you don’t have a smash book you can bring your art journal or Project Life instead. I will also have a selection of smash books for sale at the Smash Ball but quantities will be limited.



Never heard of Found? It’s a brick and mortar boutique in Mesa that carries top of the line home furnishing and gorgeous antique accents for your home. They also offer design and styling services if you are in the market for a pro to help refine the look of your space. BTW, if you think the store is gorgeous just wait until you check out REstyleSource, the soon to be “IT” place to connect to lifestyle, design, and retail sources in your community. You will have to get behind me though because I’m already determined to be first in line to see the official website launch this Fall.

Why should you come to the Smash Ball? Pssssht! As if we ladies need any more reason to go somewhere than just the simple excuse of getting out of the house. None the less, on top of escaping the dishes, sticky fingers and piles of laundry at home, once you purchase a ticket to the Smash Ball you will begin on an odyssey of extravagance and enticement. Prepare yourself to talk the night away with friends from around the valley and of course it will be a fabulous opportunity to meet NEW friends as well.  Feed off the creative frenzy that will surely ensue once the night begins. Tickle your taste buds with decadent desserts and finger foods and drink yourself silly with your favorite drinks from the bottomless wishing well of soda (water and diet drinks included of course). Binge on a the scrap buffet including a wide variety of materials to use in your smash book like washi tape, decorative string, lace & ribbon, fabric scraps, gift tags, buttons, mini envelops, scrapbook embellishments of all kinds, die cuts, glitter, markers and pens, stamps, decorative paper, notions… I think you get the idea. Paw your way through a customized swag bag that’s been plumped up by our generous sponsors. (Swag: it’s most likely the only four letter word that will make grown up women behave like teenage girls at prom.) And finally, stay excited the whole night through with sporadic giveaways a plenty from hand picked businesses and artist.  To put it simply it will be a night to remember.


Wanting to purchase more than one ticket? You absolutely can purchase more than one ticket. While there is no group rate available you do have the option to purchase up to 4 tickets for the Smash Ball. *If you purchase a ticket and life happens and you are not able to attend the event you can notify me and I can help you find someone to buy the ticket from you. Otherwise there are no returns.

Wondering who the sponsors are? I’ve hand picked some beautiful companies to contribute to this ball to make the night even more unforgettable. I like visiting each of the sponsor’s shops to guess what kind of goodies might make there way into the event festivities. I hold these companies in the highest esteem so it gives me great pleasure to introduce them to you.

Fawn & Flora: Harboring vintage and whimsical products from packaging supplies to crafting materials to lovely home accents. Follow Fawn & Flora on Facebook and Instagram.



The TomKat Studio: Fabulous party inspiration and pretty party supplies and printables. Follow The TomKat Studio on Facebook and Instagram



We Love Citrus: A fresh line of diverse packaging and craft supplies to inspire simplified and refreshing ideas. Follow We Love Citrus on Facebook and Instagram



Crissy G: Exercising one of her many talents of her multifaceted business to dish up some of the most delectable confections you will ever eat. Follow Crissy G on Facebook


I realize that seats are limited and that the Smash Ball is very fast approaching so some of you may already have another engagement that evening or might miss out on the chance to buy a ticket if they sell out. My hope is that this Smash Ball will be such a success that I can make a tradition of it and host them more often. I so look forward to seeing some of you there, I know we will have a smashing time!


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