Happy birthday to me, happy discount to you. Happy birthday, happy discount, happy all of it to you! It's my birthday today and I am ready to celebrate in a good way. It's pretty much turned into a tradition for me to have a sale on my birthday.

I didn't used to like my birthdays (getting older, bleh!) so to make my birthdays more memorable and meaningful I started doing RAOK's (Random Acts of Kindness for you newbies) including offering random discounts on my product. This means that for today only you can find discounts on every single product on my website ranging from 20% off to 50% off. Holy cheap cake batman!

The headbands and Whippy for Africa collections will be 20% off, dreamcatchers, yes dear and hello darling collections are all 30% off, Cookie Crumbs are 40% off and every single appliques is 50% off.  NO promo codes necessary, but don't dilly dally, cuz this deal is for today (Tuesday the 28th) only! Head on over to my shop to pick out your favorite cake for cheap!

birthday wishAnd yeah, it's my birthday so I am posting a big quirky picture of myself, just because I can and hopefully it makes you giggle a little.  And just because I can I will also be out on an RAOK adventure with The Boss tomorrow.

He took the day off, found a sitter, and with his Excel spreadsheet in hand (the poor guy is an accountant through and through) helped me plan out a whole day of awesomeness. When I turned 26 I did 26 RAOK's all day for my birthday and it was the best birthday ever!

This year my quest is 28 kind deeds to find that most awesome feeling you get when you help others. I am truly hoping that I can cause just a small ripple and that some of you who read this might be inspired to do some kind deeds to those around you.

We all have our struggles and challenges, but I truly feel that when you put others needs above your own that is when we find true happiness. If I can inspire just a few of you to do something kind to someone around you, then I will call my birthday a success — possibly my only birthday wish.

I will post a follow up with all the juicy details of the day's adventures, but for now please enjoy the discount from my shop and think of your own RAOK you can do for someone. For a bigger ripple, please FB and tweet and do whatever other social media you can to spread the word and tell us about the RAOK that you did or are planning to do. Who knows, maybe one of my RAOKs will be to give people who post about their  RAOK some free Whippy Cake swag (hint, hint). Ok, it's 2am and I guess I should get a little sleep for the big day tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about your own RAOKs!