I've been showing you how to use Instagram, and how to take better pictures with Instagram, and some fun apps that let you add stuff to your photos for Instagram but now what?  Are you just gonna let those photos sit in your IG feed collecting cyber dust? I don't think so!

How bout trying some of these fun and unique tools. Each has different ways to print, display or share your IG photos. You are gonna LOVE this.

Printstagram – People, people, PEOPLE! I love this site. You sign into your IG account and then from there you can purchase copies of your IG photos simply by clicking on the images you want printed. When I found this site I pretty much ordered every photo in my feed, I was THAT excited. Picture me squealing and jumping around like a 6th grader, yah, I was like that.

When my pictures arrived (around 2 weeks later) my excitement was not let down. The quality and the pictures were perfect. I ordered mostly 4×4 prints, 2×2 prints plus some stickers to use in my Smash Book (more on smashing some other time).

I like Printstagram because they offer so many printing options. I'm talking about square prints, mini  prints, stickers books, mini books, posters, tiny books and yes even T-shirts. I'm a huge fan Printstagram, keep it up 😉

make a gif


Postagram –  With Postagram you can use pictures from Instagram, Facebook, or your phone and send them as postcard to anyone you want through the mail. You don't have to buy a stamp or go to the post office, Postagram does that for you! The best part is that the photo itself can be punched out of the postcard and saved as a keepsake. How 'bout you watch the clip and see the awesomeness in action. PS. this app is available on Android. Watch this!

Stickygram – Turn your IG photos into magnets. $14.99 plus free shipping world wide gets you a pack of 9 magnets.

Instagram: Now what?


Blurb – Easily upload your Instagram pictures through Blurb and then you can edit and modify your photos to make a fun published book with their Bookify online tool. I've ordered books from blurb before and they are gorgeous plus they start at only $10.95. I hear that!

blurb1 instagram


Cocograph – That would be coco as in CHOCOLATE my friends.  “Why, I would love to eat some artisan chocolate with a photo of my face on it, please and thank you”. You choose your photo (or even a logo), you choose your chocolate (life size or bite size) and then you EAT your chocolate photo. I know! It sounds too good to be true so I have a video for you for proof.

Watch this video!


Screenstagram – This is a neat little download I found a few days ago. You download it, then login to your Instagram profile and then it uses all of your IG pictures to create a screensaver for you desktop. The screensaver changes every time you add photos to your IG feed.

So cool you guys! I always get sick of my screensavers but this bad boy does the changing for me so I won't gets sick of it no mo. I love that. The only downfall (but not for all) is that it only works on Macs :0 (tear for you PC people).

Don't cry though, if you have an iPad you can download Gramframe. It's the same thing only for your iPad.



Webstagram & Followgram are web viewers for Instagram.

If you haven't noticed you can't view other people's IG feeds through Instagram's website, phooey!

I use Webstagram myself to view the people I follow and comment/like their photos. If I am already on my computer I prefer viewing IG this way because it's obviously much much larger than viewing on my phone. Can you dig it?



Momento – This is a diary/journal app for apple devices that makes it quick and easy for you to write about and view moments from your past. It also allows you to import photos from Instagram to use in your journal entries. This app is rad for those like myself who struggle with writing in a journal. It just doesn't get any easier.

momento app


Statigram – This one is the finale because it's another one that is just amazing. 6 of my favorite things about Statigram, ready go! 1. It's an Instagram web viewer like (webstagram). 2. You can track your Instagram statistics. The statistics include any where from what filter you use the most, which of your photos are viewed the most, how many pictures you liked or commented on, and even how popular your feed is. 3. The management feature lets you view any comments on your most recent 5 photos. IG's comment feed doesn't go back very far so if someone included you in a comment and you missed it, you may never see it at all. They are working on making it so you can see comments on all photos ever. 4. The Promote tab gives you the option to make cover photos for Facebook using your IG photos. It also will provide a link to your IG profile and feed so you can share it publicly any way you want so your friends and family who don't use IG can see your pictures too. It also has an RSS feature you can customize to you preference including #hashtags  (kinda techy).  5. A really easy but useful search tool you can find users, hashtags and pretty soon you will be able to search for pictures by location. 6. You can request their photo contest toolkit. With this toolkit you can can run your own IG contests through Statigram, I haven't tried it yet but it sounds sweet! Some pretty cool stuff going on at Statigram, I almost didn't want to share this one but you know I love you so I had to 😉



So those are some great tools you can use to do more stuff with your Instagram pictures. I hope at least one thing in the post got you excited enough to try it. If you liked everything then please pass this along and share, share, share!