I don't know about you but sometimes when I am accessorizing the necklace that I want to wear isn't quite long enough to fit attractively with the top I chose without clashing necklines. One day I was just frustrated because I thought it was ridiculous that I could have so many necklaces but still not be happy with any of my choices. Fortunately my frustration drove me to think of a simple solution to this (relatively superficial) dilemma. I found myself a chain bracelet sitting near by and the necklace I was wanting to wear but that was too short and then I clasped opposite ends of the necklace and the bracelet together and POOF! My problem was solved, the necklace became longer and the outfit then worked! I was so  pleased with myself after that moment that I started planning my outfits around necklaces and bracelets I could use this new trick on. That's classic dork behavior though.  The lesson to be learned here is that being frustrated isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes frustration can push you to think of nifty ideas that you get to share with your friends.  You have to promise to show me if you ever try this new trick in your own accessorizing adventures, I would LOVE to see 🙂