Are you surprised I’m posting the winner and it’s not even noon yet? Me too! Our lucky duck winner is:

Corrine Loftus

Who facebooked, tweeted, triple pinned and did just about everything she could to help spead the dreamcatcher word.

To start dreaming, email us at admin(at)whippycake(dot)com and include your three must have wraps, we’ll get them to you asap!!



As you know, I’ve been hard at work on a new collection and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “how long is Becki going to keep dangling this carrot in front of me and not letting me get my hands on some of those head wraps!?!” Am I right? I’ve sort of been thinking the same thing myself, but the wait is FINALLY over! My dreamcatcher collection is the first in a series of new collections and it is officially LIVE and available for purchase my peeps! I’m celebrating your patience with a little bit of extra love. How much extra you ask? Oh, just about 15% off the entire new collection! How’s that carrot tasting now? Use code “dream15” (case sensitive) today through the end of day Wednesday to snag all the new pieces, and start dreaming up new ways to wear these head wraps designed specifically to be versatile. We may even need a special “cake cameo: Dreamcatcher edition” to show off all the ways these boho beauties can be worn. Here are a few examples I came up with of ways they can can be worn for your styling pleasure. You can view all the prints and colors [here] in my shop of course

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! If you help me spread the word about the new Dreamcatcher collection I will help you get your hands on your choice of 3 wraps for FREE. Here are the ways you can help spread the good news.

1. Post the new collection to FB and tag WC in it so I can see.
2. Pin your favorite Dreamcatcher wraps to Pinterest with #whippycake(hash tag)
3. Tweet about the new Dreamcatcher collection with #whippycake (hash tag)
4. Blog about it and include the link to the Dreamcatcher collection in your post.
5. Post your favorite Dreamcatcher wrap to Instagram with a link to the collection with #whippycake (hash tag)

Leave a comment with links to each step you fulfill. You get an entry in the giveaway for each of the above steps you complete. I will draw one winner this Friday to receive 3 FREE Dreamcatcher wraps

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