9 months is a long time to wait for a baby to cook and so I think to pass the time we Moms tend to go a little overboard planning and preparing for the little one to make their debut. My thing is I tend to convince myself I need things just so I can shop to distract myself from the long wait and the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. This is a terrible habit to have but as a result I have discovered some absolute must haves for new ones.

1. My first recommendation I actually went out and got from Target the 2nd or 3rd day home from the hospital. It was about a week before Christmas and I needed a few things before we headed to Utah for the holiday and I thought I could handle it even though I had just had major surgery, Cookie was only a week old and all retail stores at that time were total chaos. I was in the baby section picking out some  fleecy sleepers so Cookie wouldn’t freeze in the snow when I saw this  Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper by Fisher Price. We didn’t have a bassinet or co-sleeper at the time so I bought it for myself. Merry Christmas to me! Ummmm, how did I have TWO kids without this thing?? First off it folds up flat, this means it is super easy to break down and store pretty much anywhere, unlike a bassinet which doesn’t fold up at all or play yards which are big, bulky, heavy and insanely obnoxious to put together or take down. It’s also nice that it folds up flat because it did fit nicely in our jammed packed mini van with our luggage and Christmas presents on the way to Utah. It also fits in a large suit case if you are flying some where. Another handy feature is all the covers snap on and off which makes it miraculously easy to wash. Sigh with me now! My favorite feature is it’s just the right size, height, and weight that it makes it easy to move between places in the home, fits just about anywhere and it’s great to have by your side on the couch, office, or sleeping next to a bed. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!! PS. it rocks too, as in rocks back and forth. Top that.

2. I found these swaddling blankets at a boutique in Daybreak, Utah about a month before baby was born and they had me at first touch. These Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddling Blankets are soft and unbelievably light weight. I live in AZ (aka the surface of the sun) and these blankets keep me from feeling like I abuse my child by smothering her with heavy non breathable blankets in the summer. No but really, they are great for swaddling without overheating baby and they are oversized so you can keep using them to comfort or swaddle even after baby grows up.  The muslin material is great because it doesn’t rat, fade,bead up, snag or tear. The blankets keep their downy soft heavenly feel no matter how many times you wash them. Bonus, the prints are not generic or cheesy! I got the plain ivory ones because I liked how fresh and clean they looked and they aren’t distracting but I also love these new pyara set that came out recently too, so boho.

3. I’ve used the Hawaiian Gumdrop Pacifier with all 3 of my kids and I love them!!!! I buy them online and get the vanilla scented ones and they keep my babies blissfully happy. I always like to sneak a smell when I am holding them because the vanilla fragrance is so soothing and makes me feels nostalgic. I love these little gummy binkies because my kids love them and that’s the most important thing. I also like them because they form to the babies face for a comfy fit plus they are made from medical grade silicone, are a cinch to clean, and the cut of the binky won’t interfere with CPAP tubes or nasal cannulas which 2 out of 3 of my kids had as babies. I also like that you can get them in green, blue, orange, purple and pink and they don’t have any cheesy prints or animals on them. Score! If you try some, get the scented ones, you will be hooked!

4. I think I got this Puj Tub the same day I got the Rock N Play sleeper lol. I heard about it online and wanted to try it out for myself. Winner! It’s made from non slip, PVC and BPA free safe materials but it’s ultra soft. It folds into a nice cushy seat that fits in pretty much any sink so it cradles the baby while conserving space and water. When you are done using it you can hang it flat or slip it in the cupboard. It comes in other colors now and they just revamped the design but I am a fan of white if you didn’t already know :0 This is a great baby shower gift for new moms. I enjoyed using it when Cookie was a newborn.

5. A stroller is like a car, it’s an investment, especially if you plan to have more kids. I did not know this with kid 1 and kid 2 so I just got the basic $100-$200 Graco whatever was common at the time stroller. Luckily I got my hands on a Quinny Buzz stroller before Dempsey came to live with us and my eyes were opened. Holy SHMOKES y’all!  I thought all strollers were bulky, awkward and impossible to steer. Uhh, NO! Say hello to the Quinny. I honestly should have reserved an entire post for this stroller because the features are extensive.  It almost has as many features as our Sienna. The most important and noticeable to me would be that it’s hydrological and really easy to push and steer. I almost never used either of our old strollers because they were too wide and jerky to take in a department store plus I don’t think I had enough body strength to push them off road or in a park. My Quinny drives a smooth ride and the many angles and seat positions makes it really flexible for me to use whether Cookie is asleep, awake or in her car seat. I. Like. It. A. Lot!!! The seat itself is like a mod foamy material that’s pretty bomb if you ask me. I don’t even feel like I need to put a blanket down like I used to on the harsh canvas material of our old stroller. This badass (not a swear word, it’s a compliment) stroller comes with a rain cover, bug cover, another bug type of cover, a shade cover, a bassinet attachment, a basket attachment, a safety bar, some more covers aaaaand has an adjustable push bar for shorties like me. It’s BADass, that’s what I said. It’s worst feature is the price point or the first time trying to figure out how to break it down is kind of embarrassing… or it was for a blondie like me :0 If the $$$’s on this item is a little intimidating go check the local newspaper ads,  craigslist or just save your pennies because I can promise you it’s worth EVERY cent! I’ve had friends tell me they would consider having more babies just so they could get one.

6.  Our first baby was a boy so you can imagine when my first girl came around how my crafty self was just itching to put her in the most gaudy, glitterfied, ruffle and lace outfits you could find, even if I found them on the black market. Seriously, poor Lo has me to blame for her “creative” wardrobe choices because I warped her when she was a baby. When I look at her baby pictures my second thought is always “she looks so uncomfortable!” (my first thought is, “how did I think that was cute?!?!”)  With Cookie I’ve tried to ease up off the glitter juice and just let her be a baby. It’s hard not to cover her in girly clutter when my genetics insist on producing bald babies and I just want to make sure everyone knows she is a girl. I have watered it down since Lo and started using these simple Carter’s Onesies. I’m a fan because they are simple and comfy but not just a plain or boring onesie. They come in variety packs with different colors and prints including the ever trending neon colors. Now my baby can finally be comfortable but still look cute. The girly necklines and sleeves are what make these onesies work all on their own, I just add a bracelet or a headband and her outfit is complete but I’ve avoided the child abuse of too many layers or too much tulle. Oh, I almost forgot, they are made from  a silky soft cotton that retains it’s shape no matter how many times you wash them and they are uber stretchy so baby can wear them much longer before they out grow them. No lie.

7. How exciting can baby spoons be? Let me tell you! I was intrigued by the square tip of these Gerber Spoons and so I bought a pack for $3 at Target. If I was a musician I would write a song about these spoons because I am in love with them. First off, I hate plastic spoons because the tips always get tore up when someone accidentally grinds them up in the garbage disposal or when a teething baby starts using them as a chew toy. Once plastic spoons have been chewed on they are no good to me because the rough end scratches my poor babies face. True story. Am I the only weirdo who hates this? I started buying the Gerber metal spoons with the rubber ends because they don’t get rough and gross on the end even if you do grind them in the disposal. The downfall of those spoons is the head of the spoon is so small it’s like they are meant to feed mice with and that’s just not going to cut it with Cookie the devourer. Long story short when I switched her from breastfeeding to formula she started eating twice as much TWICE as often but she was still spitting up everything so it was like she was perpetually hungry. As her mom I made the executive decision to start her on solids at just 4 months ld. I thought I would do a test meal like I did with the older two to see if she could mouth the food ok or if it would just ooze back out like a blob from a Goosebumps movie. My older two kids weren’t coordinated or interested in eating solids till 6mo and 9 mo so I was shocked when Cookie down 2oz of baby cereal in record time with little to no mess. I feel like she hasn’t stopped eating since but she doesn’t throw up the solids so she can finally feel satisfied. She has been eating pureed organic vegetables  that my friend makes her every week and I am telling you she is STILL always hungry! Oh geeze, back to the spoons! Ok, so these new Gerber spoons have rubber tips, yay! But they are a legit size so you can actually get enough food in one bite to satiate a munching baby like mine. The square tip is the absolute clincher because it’s so easy to scrape the bowl with or scoop off dripping food from babies chin. Square rubber spoons, it’s all I ever wanted in life!

8. Did you know you can get baby apps on your iPhone? Between Netflix, fisher price apps and Pandora, my iPhone has become the worlds best baby toy. First off, Fisher Price has developed some pretty adorable apps for baby and bonus they sell an iPhone Apptivity Case for kids to laugh and learn with. The case prevents against unwanted drool or drips on your phone and keeps the baby from closing the app by blocking the Home button.  There are 3 Fisher Price apps for baby and all of them are FREE from the app store. The apps are actually pretty cute and not so obnoxious like most other kid apps and I like the graphics, sound effects and music because they are high quality again unlike most children apps.  Pandora has also surprisingly been helpful with my toddlers and babies. I put it on the “Toddler” station and it plays all sorts of fun upbeat songs my kids get a kick out of. It’s become one our favorite play times and I’ve overheard my kids singing some of the songs to themselves as they play in their rooms. Who knew how valuable 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed could be to a mom?

9. I put nail polish on my girls, that’s how we do!  Some consider it a little extreme to put cosmetics on babies but with Zoya nail polish I don’t really have to worry about what some people think because I know the nail polish is completely non toxic and safe for babies and that’s the number one concern for me. Zoya polish is great for everyone but especially safe for babies. They have over 300 colors and treatments and all are toxin free and long lasting which means babies can’t suck off the color as easily as most name brand polishes but if she does it won’t hurt her. My favorite thing is to put the same color on me, Lo and Cookie, matchy matchy fingers! Our favorite color to wear this summer is Lara from the beach collection. I get that polish on babies isn’t for everyone but for those of you who think it’s fun and adorable I dare you to try Zoya, you won’t be disappointed!

10. While I love the adorable accessory lines from Target and whatnot I am also a sucker for handmade. I just like knowing that only a handful of people will have the same earrings or headband versus thousands of people all over the world. It makes me feel a tiny bit more like an individual. (Don’t take that as I don’t shop at Target because you should know I do waaaay more than I want to admit.) All I am saying is I enjoy making accessories you might not see everywhere and I especially get excited when I find something awesome and unique on Etsy! I love it when you all like my designs too because it gives me the confidence to keep designing and creating things for my Etsy shop so thank you so much for the support! I was really surprised to see how many of you ordered these Bitty Button Earrings and the Picnic and Harlequin Headbands.


Those are something I don’t recommend going without if you have a new baby. LMK if you try any of them and what you think! And you BETTER share with me if you know of something I must try in return. XOXO!

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