As promised, you’re looking at product review deux right this very second! Spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon, so what better product to review than an eyeliner that won’t melt off your face in the sweltering Arizona sun, or any other sun for that matter. This time of year (ok fine, all year) I love to add pops of color everywhere from shoes, to clothes, to lip color, so I figured why not push it farther and explore some vibrant makeup too? So began my quest for some playful new makeup that would make me feel as bright and vibrant as the colors of summer.

On my hunt, I came across this waterproof NYX Retractable Eyeliner in aqua green. I was actually purchasing some Glide-On liners by Urban Decay when the girl at the counter suggested I try the NYX liners because they have more colors and she said it is just as good of a quality liner. I decided for $4 I wouldn’t be losing much to give this stick a try. I actually picked up several colors like silver, white, purple and this aqua green. I have to say for $4 I was pleasantly surprised!

What I love: First, who doesn’t love a good drug store cosmetic find? It’s available at practically every place you shop and for $4 anyone can afford to give it a try. This particular liner can be smudged on for a subtle accent of color or layered for a vibrant pop. I love the versatility of it, and how easy to use and forgiving the retractable pencil is. Even if I cake it on everyday, the retractable liner seems to last forever, which you don’t always get from even the most expensive liners. I’m also a big fan of the rich aqua color that’s almost iridescent in the light. It’s the perfect color to enhance blue eyes or bring out amber tones in brown eyes. It looks great on my pale skin and shows up just as well on darker tones too.
The verdict: NYX retractable eye liners promise to deliver lasting intense pigmentation with a creamy moisturizing formula, and it truly does. My only critique for this product is, for a waterproof pencil, it never really “sets”. You can smudge your line as soon as you apply it or several hours later, so if you touch your eyes a lot and are looking for a precision line, I’d recommend something else (like a liquid liner). If you don’t touch your eyes, you can count on the formula to last through the day without wearing off or fading.

There you have it! If you are looking for a fun way to add some color to your makeup routine without spending a fortune, head out to any market, grocer or drug storeĀ  or pop on over to my Amazon Favorites over there –> on my sidebar and buy this retractable liner by NYX. If you aren’t ready for something quite so drastic, that’s ok, you can try the liner in any of the 17 other colors it comes in. Bam!

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