This one time, the Boss and I ditched real life and went to San Francisco w/ Cookie. Here’s the breakdown in just 12 photos.

  1. I’m the only one who didn’t conk out on the 1.5 hour flight! They must have been tuckered out from going through security twice because I had to have Paradise Bakery which was beyond the point of no return. Whoops!
  2. We dressed Cookie in this duper cute pink bear sleeper in case she was loud or naughty on the plane. We thought people wouldn’t be as annoyed if it was a bear/baby hybrid making all the ruckus. She was actually perfect the whole way so the bear suit was totally unnecessary.
  3. A vacation is NOT a vacation without food. Yes I made Boss pull over and buy me some fresh strawberries from this adorable farm off Half Moon Bay. $7 but totally worth it.
  4. More food. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito to get a bight to eat and check out all the Yachts. I spotted a nice Mexican restaurant on the way in and the Boss can’t turn down a good burro so my choice was not contested.
  5. What did I say about the food. The first day we walked past this Crepe place at Fisherman’s Wharf and I had to wait all the way till the next day to eat some. Banana, Nutella with whipped cream. Seriously rocked my world if you know what I mean!
  6. I question the timing of our spontaneous trip to San Francisco because BYU happened to be playing just 20 minutes away from our hotel while we were there. Ironic? Eh, who cares! The game was fun, BYU killed it and because I was so cooperative it put the ball in my court for other plans. (no pun intended).
  7. When I say BYU killed it I mean they clenched the game in the very very last micro seconds of the game and Boss was all sorts of crazy. I think that’s the closest he will ever get to feeling the way I do when I wake up in the morning and the lock to the pantry hasn’t been picked by the miniature female with food strung out all over the house. The kid likes to snack.
  8. We got to take a Alcatraz Cruise Tour (ball in my court). I forgot to mention that it was fa fa fa frrrrrreeeeezing the whole time. Yikes! But me and Cookie stayed bundled in the few warm things I thought to bring. I snapped some pics with my phone from my seat so I wouldn’t catch a wind chill but it turned out gorg anyways. The fog was breath taking and added an eerie tone to the tour.
  9. At pier 39 there were floating docks for the seals to sun bath on. Don’t be fooled, it was FREEEZING and the sun did not stifle the temp. If you are by the ocean I feel like it should be warm. I see water I think warm and sticky and crisp sun kissed skin. Try frost bitten nose and an army of chill bumps.
  10. While driving across the GGB I decided to test my phone’s abilities and I was pleased to realize it’s fully capable of drive by photos. Ps, the bridge is forever long, I can’t believe these people opted to walk it in the frigged weather. Walking and cold = double negative.
  11. Oh the things you see in Cali. Every trip there no matter LA, San Diego and now San Fran, I spy the most peculiar things. On the bright side that surfboard does make the perfect bumper against on coming traffic.
  12. Half Moon Bay, sigh! It’s so lovely and refreshing. I decided I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of living in San Fran do to the insane amounts of traffic and closed in spaces as well as never being able to wear heels for fear of rolling down a street to my death.  However, Half Moon Bay had unique homes with ginormous yards and an exquisite view of the beach. We bumped into some fellas from Ireland just about to go surfing in the ice cold weather and beating winds. Do it to it… I’m gonna sit in the heated rental car and eat strawberries and pretend it’s August.


As you can see we had an amazing time and baby Cookie was on her best behavior. We visited site after site, and ate plates and plates of food and spent an some frustrating time in the car with GPS and topped it all off with an alarming amount of chocolate from Ghirardelli Square. All in all it was so nice to have some bonding time just the 3 of us. Thank you San Fransico, call me when your temperatures reach above 80 and I’ll come back 😉

ps. sorry I was too lazy to import all the pictures from my the SD card of my camera. Iphone pictures are almost just as nice?

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