1. Custom Artwork: I ordered this illustration of the Boss and I from Ashmae on Etsy. All you do is send in a photo of up to four people (cost extra to add additional people) and then you get a custom 8×10 print and two 5×7’s PLUS a digital copy to use on blogs and FB etc. This is supposed to be a surprise gift for the Boss. (baby, if you are reading this act surprised when you unwrap the 8×10 😉 )

2. A Puppy: or any other adorable fuzzy animal. The Boss let me get this adorable little blonde Shih Tzu for myself for Valentine’s Day. If you know the Boss personally or our history you will know that this is easily one of the top 5 single sweetest gestures he’s ever done for me. Not only does this gift keep on giving but she will be a constant reminder of just how much he loves me with his daily sacrifice to live with an animal he doesn’t much care for. I named her Hilly and she is seriously so sweet and has been a beaming ray of sunshine for both me and the kids. If your sweetheart isn’t a puppy lover like me you can always get a kitty, bunny, bird or even a snake if she is a fan of the reptilians.

3. Custom Longboard: the fellas are usually so hard to shop for but I love the idea of giving him a longboard because it appeals to the boy within, will keep him fit and active, and who knows, maybe longboarding could become the perfect hobby for you to do together.  You can find this custom longboard and other designs like it at BlackLongboards.com. See you on the streets yo!

4. Handmade Jewelry: If you have been around this blog long enough you know I am a sucker for the handmade jewelry by Blush Envy. Brandy designs these amazing hand cut flower pieces out of paper and glazes them, then turns them into stunning jewelry. There has never been an instance where I wore a piece from Blush Envy and did NOT get a compliment from a stranger. The one I am wearing here is from her new Mommy & Me collection and has a matching bracelet for my little girls. Couldn’t you just die?

5. Project Life: (insert angels singing “aaaawweee!”): The wannabe scrapbooker’s dream come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted to journal, document and photograph but never had the time to do is all implemented in one unique product. Scrapbooking/journaling is humanly impossible for an unorganized mentally dysfunctional mom like myself. That’s why I’m crushing on Becky Higgins right now!!! Becky is the dream queen behind the Project Life vision and she is responsible for designing a product that even someone as “unfocused” as me can use. It’s pretty much the best gift for anyone wanting to document moments and memories and BONUS, the digital version of Project Life is available through Shutterfly.


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