This is a continuation of last week's Dear Whippy: Haircut question/video. It's a full run through of how I style my hair—start to finish—and what products I use.

Here are the products I used and mentioned in the video and a description of why I use them and their styling qualities.

Wet hair before blow drying:

Bed Head Small Talk: A cream base thickening cream. It's got a medium consistency so short hair may only need a dime-size or nickel-size for thicker and longer hair. Best used on fine to medium hair.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray: Liquid base spray thickening solution. A little more mild than the cream, but a little goes a long way. Great for all hair types. You can mist this all over damp hair for a set ready finish.

Smoothing and Shine Products:

All of these smoothing and shine products are great for prepping the hair before applying heat from a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, or afterward as a finishing product. They are great to use after you use heat while the hair shaft is still open to penetrate and coat the hair to give it a smooth, finished look.

Bed Head After Party: A cream base smoothing cream. It's light weight but doesn't require much to hydrate and coat the hair. Great for fine to medium hair. (I prefer using this on wet hair and occasionally after a blow dry).

Bed Head Rock Out Shine: A liquid base gloss serum. It's medium to light weight, very VERY shiney, and doesn't require much to make a dramatic difference. Better for medium to thick hair. (I prefer using this on wet and dry hair, but not after flat ironing).

Bed Head Headrush: An aerosol base shine spray. It has a superfine mist, and its very subtle and light weight. Best on fine hair or use generously on very thick hair. (I prefer using this as a finishing spray after I flat iron but not on wet hair).

Finishing/styling Sprays to use after a blow dry and hot iron:

ShortSexyHair Play Dirty: Spray wax with a concentrated, somewhat gritty consistency. Adds the most texture and has the strongest hold. Best for all hair types.

Paul Mitchel Spray Wax: Spray wax with a concentrated consistency. Adds medium texture but is more oily. Best on dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. Avoid using on virgin or oily hair types.

Lanza Spray Wax: Spray wax has been discontinued. 🙁

Bed Head Spoil Me: A finishing product intended to be used on next day styling. It smooths, defrizzes, and instantly restyles the hair. Perfect by itself or paired with a light hair spray. If you have oily hair, I would prep with a dry shampoo on your roots like Bed Head's Dirty Secret and then finish off with this finishing spray and maybe the tap of a flat iron if it needs it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product so much!!!

Big THANKS to Renée for writing in with your question! Keep the questions coming, ladies!

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