Early last week I opened up the opportunity for you to nominate someone you are incredibly thankful for to win one of two gifts from Whippy Cake. I’ve been reading through all of your email submissions for the second time this week. I don’t know if it’s because I am just a little more sensitive because of the Thanksgiving time of year and emotions are more tender than usual, or because I’m pregnant and hormonal, or because I am profoundly touched by all of the stories you have shared with me but I am literally weeping like a baby. The first time through I was still at the in-laws house and I’m sure they were a little worried (or embarrassed) for me as I sat there wiping my nose on my shirt sleeve while simultaneously bouncing on a yoga ball and typing on my computer. Now I am asking myself why I put myself in this situation… I am so touched by every single email and I all I want to do is make every single submission a winner. I wish I had the world to giveaway to all of you because you each deserve it. I would love to share every single email with you so that you could feel how I am feeling right now. Each one is unique and individually special and touching.

So how do I manage to narrow it down? I honestly had to say a prayer and re-read them again and hope that one would feel right and when I did that one submission completely overtook me and so our first winner is Miggy submitter by Heidi Frazer. I hope it’s ok to share a little of what Heidi wrote about Miggy.

“I want to nominate someone that I have never met – weird, I know.  In Jan of this year, my 1 year old daughter who has faced an overwhelming amount of health problems since she was born, was finally diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, called Kabuki Syndrome…

My hopes for her future were crushed, all the dreams you have when your pregnant imagining your childs life and the wonderful things they will acheive, do, be, all those dreams were shattered and I was told to face a new reality – one that included a lifetime of medical problems, mental handicaps, worries about how my sweet daughter will be treated by those around her, who will care for her when we pass away, etc.  I felt like my world had completly changed overnight and I was hurting and struggling…

I started reading Miggy’s blog.  Miggy’s has 2 daughters, the same age as my children, and her youngest was born with microgastia, a limb reduction complex that has affected each of her arms and legs.  She can’t walk, can’t crawl, can’t feed herself, hold a bottle, and has many limitations.  As I’ve read Miggy’s blog over the last year I have laughed and cried with her.  She’s written about the changes in life when you find out you will be raising a child with special needs – the hurts, the sacrifices, the victories, the struggles as you watch people around you stumble to say something to you, or even worse, people who bluntly say whatever is on their mind, unaware of how much it might hurt.  She’s written about how hard it is too see this amazing, beautiful child in your life, to see how much joy they bring your family and to know that others don’t see what you see – that they see someone lacking, someone missing something, someone different.  She’s talked about the small victories, the kindness you see in people, the blessings that come with your child. She’s brought Special Needs awareness to her blog and followers  with her story and began a Special Needs Spotlight every week, with different parents and families telling their stories, their hopes for their child, their journey and their hopes for those who come in contact with their child – how they hope to treat them, how to ask questions you may have, how to treat a child who may be different.  She’s brought awareness to all who read her blog, and for those of us wresting and fighting for our children with special needs, we are so grateful for that.  She is always positive, but always honest in the difficulties she’s facing.

Many people read her blog and I know I am just one of the many who have been helped and blessed by her words.  Finding out the dreams you had for your child are gone and learning to accept and look for new dreams is not easy.  Finding someone who understands how you feel and can help you build yourself back up again is a gift.  So while I dont have a picture of us together and I have never met her in person, only emailed, I still want to nominate Miggy.”

[I down right stole this photo from Miggy’s blog. Love their Halloween costumes!]

The first thing I did after reading this submission was go to Miggy’s {BLOG} where I spent the next hour crying and reading over her most recent post. I would have to agree with Heidi, even though I don’t know her she has touched me and inspired me and I’m excited to present her with a $100 Whippy Cake gift card. You should probably have some tissues handy before you head over to be inspired by Miggy yourself.


The winner of the local prize, the makeover and Whippy Cake gift basket is Sydnee Rose submitted by Brandi Kakavas. This submission cought me off guard. I was not expecting to be so uplifted by a 5 year old. Here is a little snippet from Brandi’s submission about Sydnee.

“Syd (as we call her) decided that she wanted to do something super special for someone else this year. She has beautiful long hair and decided that she wanted to cut it and give her hair to kids that were sick and didnt have any hair. So on 11-11-11 Sydnee gave 11” of hair to locks of love. She did this in dedication to her name sake Maddy Rose who passed away from a brain tumor and who she is named after. Sydnee has been so selfless and is such a blessing just to be around. I am a little bias being mom but she is just the greatest little gal. You can read an article about Syd here.
Sydnee also has two little brothers Tytan and Raycer whom she loves and is constantly caring for (or lovingly bossing). Raycer was born under very horrid circumstances (9 weeks early due to a placental abruption and he has had a lot of complications ever since) and Syd has been the best big sis you could ever imagine for such a miracle. She and Tytan have helped with all of his speech and physical therapy. “

Somehow I thought a 5 year old would be more concerned with asking Santa for Barbie dolls or having long hair like RapunzelIt pretty well blew me away that she would be willing to do something so selfless. I’m thinking Sydnee and I need to have a little dress up play date and get some Whippy Cake in that new fabulous haircut of hers.

Here are some photos of Sydnee that her mother gave me permission to post.

I will be notifying the winners personally today and I just wanted to say thank you again so much to all of you who sent in a submission. Thank you for being selfless, for sharing about the special people you care about and for uplifting me and reminding me how blessed I am.The only problem now is I just don’t think I could sleep tonight if I left it at that so I will be sending a personal WC package to every single person you submitted along with a copy of the submission about them so that each of them will know that they are loved, cared about and admired. If you sent in a submission but your person was not one of the two selected please contact me with your submissions contact and shipping information so I can make sure and send them some WC and share the love. Again my email is becki(at)whippycake(dot)com and thank you so much for making this such a special giveaway


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