It honestly took me two days to go through all the comments and suggestions and narrow it down to just 10 names. Holy shmoly you girls are creative!!! With the help of the Boss and Carli I managed to narrow it down to the final official names of  the 2011 Christmas Collection, starting with the collection name.

Summer is the winner of 4 free appliques for suggesting:

Merry Blissmas

and the following are the names of the 9 applique designs along with who contributed each name.

  1. Kringle Jingle – Sierra R.
  2. Peppa-Mint – Blanca
  3. Glitter & Gold – Britta
  4. Humbug – Jos
  5. All Aglow – Melissa L.
  6. Haute Clause – Jessica
  7. No Peeking – Lauren
  8. Grinchy –  Naomi
  9. Snow What Fun – carmen

Here is just a peek of a few of the designs that will be coming in the beginning of November.


Thank you, THANK YOU, so much to everyone who played along and contributed your fantastic ideas, it was seriously soooooo much fun for me and virtually impossible to choose from all the amazing suggestions! I'm so excited to present the full collection in just a few weeks!

For those of you that picked one of the winning names please email admin(at)whippycake(dot)com to claim your free whippy cake. Summer you get to choose 4 free appliques from our online store and the rest of you girls get to choose one! If you want to hold off for the Merry Blissmas collection to be available you can do that also just make sure to email us first and let us know that you wish to wait.