I get lots of emails from my readers (which I LOOOOVE!) and more often than not you guys have really fun questions about product, hair, makeup,  styling, whippy cake, clothes, you name it! It's been pointed out multiple times in our little meetings that a lot of you have the same questions and so we thought we better come up with a fun way to answer your questions and share them with everyone in case there are even more out there wondering the same things! So today I am experimenting with a fun idea I came up with to both answer those questions and share it with everyone.


Notice at the end of the video as I struggle to stop recording. I know, it's a miracle I can dress myself.  I'm such a dork.

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Just wanted to say thank you again to Toni for her email and all her sweet comments! I am always happy to hear when people enjoy coming to Whippy Cake. Thanks again Toni!