UPDATE: I get my hair done at Hair-Do Salon in Mesa, AZ. I have been going there since 2013 now and love their experienced and trained stylist for short hairstyles. I made a behind the scenes video getting my hair done at the salon.

Here are the images I took to my stylist when I chopped my hair off the first time. 😉

Here is the front and side view of my haircut that first time…

Here is what my cut looks like a little bit longer.

… and you can see in the video what it looks like right now. I keep saying I am going to grow my hair back out to my chin for the Boss, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Aside from needing a trim every 4 weeks, this haircut is so easy to style and completely low maintenance. The huge amount of time I save on getting ready every day is not worth giving up, so it will remain short for now (sorry babe). Plus, I love that it always looks done—even when I have horrid bed head—and that I always get tons of sweet compliments on my hair when I go out.

Thank you, Amy W., for the fun email and for sending in your question! Thank you, everyone else, for sending in your questions as well, and hang tight while I get to them all. Be sure to tune back in next week when I do a video on styling my short hair from start to finish and go over the products I use.