Oh boy, time is flying by and oh my how much has been happening lately. I’ve been impressed with how easily I have slipped into my old workaholic ways and relieved that I’ve had the energy to keep up with the chaos of my schedule (for the most part). Lots going on with work, home and the baby and lots on my mind all of which are entirely unrelated to one another.

* I’ve been burning myself accidentally with the glue gun lately at an alarming frequency. Either my vision or my dexterity must be in question.

* My sister introduced me to Super Goo shoe repair because as of late I’ve had several pair of my wedges give out on me. Must be the excess weight I now carry. I’ve been pleased with said Super Goo and look forward to opportunities to use it. Major wow factor.

* I sleep with what I assume is an unsafe amount of pillows.  I fear the Boss or I might suffocate one of these nights but the danger is worth the comfort and aid the pillows bring to my sleep regime plus now I can say I am dangerous on purpose.

* I named my baby Bennett because I feel if she has a name I am closure to her and she becomes more real and personal to me (as if a human could physically be any closure to me than she is at this moment). Last week I changed her name to Golden. Not very many people have approved of her new name including the boss but I like the picture it paints of her in my mind. I hope she is golden and that she brings light to everyone around her as she does to me, like when she jiggles inside my tummy. The Boss has concluded her middle name will be Truly. I like the picture that paints of her as well. A sunny girl with big bright eyes that carries happiness and purity wherever she goes. Surely that is a child worth being fat and miserable for. The Boss has nearly 14 weeks to accept her name as Golden and the rest of you will love it the second you meet her 😉

* Tomorrow I leave for Utah to participate in a handmade market where my parents live. Everything in my booth will be uncharacteristically marked down and I’m slightly nervous there will be pandemonium but like I said, I’m dangerous now. I’m panicking to get ready and heavily stressed but also fantasizing about the lush green trees and whimsical breezy weather. Did I mention I am going with all of my sisters (no children or husband) and that I will get to see my twin and my parents? I should just leave right now!!! …but I can’t because I’m not driving and I’m also not packed or ready.

* I really enjoy nice people. I love to see people doing things just because and without any hidden agenda that serves themselves. I worship people who are understanding and non judgmental. I yearn to be like those people who are always smiling, happy and optimistic regardless of their circumstances (like Golden will be). I study the people who effortlessly put others first and don’t even seem to notice their own needs. I am fortunate to have people who remember what it means to do a favor and that it is just a favor and not something to hangover your head for later. I love it when people allow me do something for them just because it makes me feel useful. I respect those who are satisfied with their lot and aren’t constantly clutching for more or comparing what they have next to others. I feel blessed to know people who are genuine and who pour out compliments and kind gestures simply because they truly think nice things.  I have a lot of nice people in my life, it makes me happy.

* Waiting for TCC to come is like waiting for Christmas and it’s killing me! 3 more weeks!!!

* I turned 27 on Sunday. I was half disappointed to be closer to 30 and half disappointed that I let myself down by not doing anything grand our generous to celebrate like last years birthday. I relented to the reassuring thought that I am making a person and that should count for something.  The Boss did spoil me this year with a 3 hours trip to the spa (massage, facial and pedi!!!). He also took me to dinner and a movie (he even let me pick a movie I knew he didn’t want to see). On top of all that he completely surprised me by coordinating a surprise party for me with my friends and family which touched me the most of all (especially because I never suspected a thing!). I think my complaining really had him convinced I needed some TLC and TLC I got!

* I’m hopeful that I will soon live in a world where facials and massages are part of my weekly ritual.

* I had the Boss install a second doorbell in my studio  so I can actually hear when clients come over. No one has used it yet without me leaning out my window to tell them they HAVE to ring it before I let them in.

* To celebrate our birthdays Rennai (bestie) and I went shopping for clothes that would fit over our pregnant bellies.  After several hours and the agreement that we both feel like mutants trying to look like females we decided it was best to drowned our insecurities in food so we went to The Cheesecake Factory. All better. We talked about our growing baby girls and complained about our symptoms and sizes until our server had to roll us out of the joint like the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

* It’s been brought to my attention that several of my friends who are due much, much, MUCH sooner than I are showing a great deal LESS than me. I am lucky to have such sweet friends though because they assure me I am not bigger and that even if I was this is my 3rd baby and so it is natural to stick out farther sooner. Sometimes that actually makes me feel better and the rest of the time I grab a box of candy from my stash 😉 At least between the baby and the candy there is no question about where my size comes from.

* Last week I made over 75 burlap bows for a project. ONe week later I am still itchy.

* Kingston started going to Pre-K last week. The first day was rough and I was worried I might be stuck with him at home again so I slapped him and told him to go back and be good or else!!! I am totally kidding! He did have a hard first day of school because brainless mommy did not put his snack in his backpack so he was stuck with goldfish while others had snack packs and gummy bears. *GASP! The second day mommy put TWO packs of fruit snacks in his backpack and he was perfect! (the teacher said so, not me.) He has been on green every day since and mommy is so proud! I’m so happy he has fabulous teachers and that he is doing well and enjoying school.

* London has taken to baby dolls as of late. She names each one Bennett and sings to them, gives them naps, assures them they are “ok” when she drops them, insist on reading them books and changes their diapers 100 times a day. I think she is going to make an excellent big sister.

* I counted 7 note cards on my desk. Each is scribbled on with a loaded to do list and seem to be silently haunting me and calling out my name. I really should be following my disorganized to do lists but sometimes I just like to talk to you guys. Thanks for listening 😉

Tried to upload the video from my surprise party but the format is not permitted :(

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