I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than with a $100 shopping card in your pocket. One lucky girl is about to have one fun weekend of shopping…

A fat congrats to:

Cassidi Klingler

Who said, “My favorite part about WC is the generosity that the company is based on. You are constantly doing things to serve others and promoting it through whippy cake, whether on facebook or on your blog. I love that! I also love how much WC adds to my outfits, I always get complimented on my style when I wear them, when really I have no style at all!! ha”

How very exciting for you Cassidi and thank you so so so much to everyone who entered this giveaway to celebrate our 10,000 follower milestone. I feel so blessed to have such amazing fans! *Tear

Cassidi, don’t forget to email alexa(at)whippycake(dot)com to claim your $100 WC gift card! Squeeeaal!

If you are sad about not winning you may want to check out my next blog post coming today… it may or may not include some recently added product to my store. *wink *wink


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