Last week I made the trek across this vast desert valley to my friend Becky’s house. Becky had me over for another styling adventure and boy did we have fun. Somehow in my mind I thought it was ok to show up at her house after working 4 days straight remodeling my studio without washing my hair or wearing makeup. She was kind and didn’t say a word but had I thought out that I would be standing nextย  to a vibrant beauty such as her I would have attempted to look a little more presentable.ย  I will let Becky tell you about our adventure through her fantastic video she made from the footage my sweet friend Wendy captured throughout our adventure. Becky also sent me over some awesome images of the results from our little glam session. Let us all marvel at her hotness for a second…


If you watched Becky’s video you may have witnessed how I surprised Becky. I am super DUUUPER excited to talk about this surprise more which I will most likely do later today or tomorrow. It’s kind of a big deal to me so maybe you should just watch the video ok!

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