In the spirit of all things Vintage and retro, Whippy Cake loves a good man looking out for his wife!  The Winner of the Kay Em Kay giveaway goes to


who said:

“I like buying handmade for my wife because she loves it so much. Kay Em Kay is a great shop and I know my wife would love the ivory skirt the most.”

Congrats to Derek and especially to his wife!  Looks like you’ve found yourself a keeper!  Email admin(at) to claim your prize!





Are you ready for a fashionable giveaway today? This is one feminine and classy etsy shop I hand picked myself to sponsor a giveaway.  Yep, we straight up asked Kasey to do a giveaway on WC because I love her sweetly handmade apparel. Oh she’s good… she’s REAL good!

Here’s some background on Kasey the designer behind Kay Em Kay:

“In Nov. of ’09, my husband had just landed a year long contract where he would make enough money to support both of us. For some time leading up to that I had been longing to make clothing. I’ve had quite a few jobs working retail and I love clothing. I didn’t like the industry, though; the eating disorders and the clawing to the top. What I wanted to do with fashion was going to be healthy and friendly. My supportive husband gave me the “go ahead” and at that point, I quit my day job as a TSS and began kay.em.kay full time.

I think the handmade movement is one that anyone can get behind in some way. It’s an incredible blessing to feel like you can connect with the person you’re buying from. And not only are you refusing sweatshops and child labor; you’re also giving someone the opportunity to do what they love for a living. It’s truly a noble thing.”

Kasey is giving away {THIS} skirt from her etsy shop priced at $50. It’s of course handmade like all of her apparel and will look perfect with a specific applique I am thinking of from my summer collection. Kasey’s products are made to order and she can make this dainty beauty in your size.

*To get the digs*

1. Follow the Kay Em Kay Blog.
2. Follow Kasey on Twitter (don’t be afraid to tell her WC sent you!).
3. Visit the Kay Em Kay etsy shop and then come back here and tell us which is your favorite handmade listing.
4. You have to let me barrow it… ok just kidding, you can skip #4.

*the more steps you follow the higher your chances to win*

This giveaway expires Monday 3/28/11

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