In this day and age I feel it’s so easy to get confused stylistically. With new fashions coming out faster than Bieber can say “Oh, baby baby baby, OOOH” it’s easy to get drawn in by all the lovely details from these new trends. One thing that can be frustrating about this is owning too many pieces from different clothing personalities. Clothing styles can be broken down into 5 personality styles including¬† romantic, bohemian, classic/timeless, modern/sporty and dramatic/diva. Each of these styles exude specific characteristics, personality and attitude which makes it easy to identify yourself as one of these style personalities. We each have a primary personality style and some of us have a secondary style woven into our overall signature style. 5 styles is a whole lot to cover in just one post so I will be breaking down one style at a time.


Bohoemian (French for gypsy) is not just a fashion trend but also a state of mind that embodies freedom and and a sense of relaxation.  Here is a list of questions to help you identify if boho is your primary style.

  • Do you like your clothes to be comfortable?
  • Are you self expressive?
  • Do you typically wear baggy and loose fitting clothes?
  • Are you drawn to exotic looking pieces?
  • Do you love to layer?
  • Do you wear a lot of tribal or ethnic silhouettes and prints?
  • Do you wear clusters of jewelry?
  • Do you own a lot of bangles?
  • Do you rock a hippie headband?
  • Do you love strappy leather sandals?
  • Is a lot of your jewelry and shoes made from leather?
  • Do you work it in floral prints?
  • Do you prefer to do things unconventionally?
  • Are you artistic?
  • Do you love to travel?
  • Are you cultured?
  • Are you drawn to natural colors like browns and tans and deep rich colors?
  • Are you eclectic?
  • Do you prefer your hair natural?
  • Do you twist and braid your hair a lot?
  • Do you prefer subtle makeup?
  • Are you fond of nature?

If you answered yes to most of these questions it’s safe to say your primary style is Bohemian. One of my favorite things about this style is just about anything goes. You can layer it up all you want and mix and match prints and jewelry and throw a braid into your wavy hair, add some bronzer to your cheeks and call it hot! The carefree style leaves extra breathing room for fashion choices and even permits more aspects from other personality styles such like ruffles from the romantic style or glitter from the diva style. Things that don’t resonate with the bohemian style are very straight lines in clothing, very tight clothing, lots of black, blingy jewelry and modern prints but for the most part the overall style is carefree and (almost) anything goes.¬† There are some fabulous fashion icons who work the boho style perfectly like Rachel Zoe and Kate Moss. Who is your favorite Bohemian icon?

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