We have quite a line up of giveaways today and it excites me very much to kick off today’s day of love with this divinely unique vintage inspired cuff from One of a Kind Jewelry Design! If you’re not already head over heels for someone today I can guarantee that by the end of today you will be profoundly in love… at least profoundly in love with our giveaways.

Here is a tid bit of background from Karen who lives all the way in Netherlands and is also the creative mind behind One of a Kind Jewelry Design.

I’ve made jewelry for more than 10 years now. One of a Kind stands for my jewelry, because almost all pieces are unique. Personally, I don’t like mass production and I think it would kill my creativity to make more of the same. I thrive on coming up with new ideas. So, every piece of jewelry is literally ‘one of a kind’. I use a lot of vintage elements to introduce something special in choice of materials. I love the old chic charme!

I don’t follow trends and the latest fashion. I get inspired by my own feeling for colours and shapes. I mix and match. Keep grouping the materials until something arises that feels just right. Sometimes objects from nature, for instance the colour of a beautiful flower I see on a mountain walk, or art objects inspire me to start a new design.

There’s a lot of searching preceding the creation. I love using special elements that are not easily to be found.  And that’s where the ‘old chic’ elements came in, earrings and brooches  from times past by turning into magnificent new objects. And then I sit down with my treasures and simply start to mix and match. Sometimes I have a picture in my head of how it should look, but mostly things begin arranging themselves under my hand. I instantly see what colours make a good match en which forms empower each other.

Striking, abundant and with lots of (funny) details, that’s what characterizes my jewelry.

Isn’t Karen undeniably charming? It doesn’t hurt that she is GIVING away for FREE [this] detailed, vintage inspired, one of a kind cuff from her etsy shop! Gasp!

Here’s the skinny on how to win the goods:

1. Facebook, Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and post a link back to here.
2. Peruse the lovely items of the One of a Kind Etsy Shop.
3. Come back here and tell us your favorite item from Karen’s shop in a comment.

Giveaway ends on Friday 2/18/11

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