Expires 1/29/11

Calamity Jane is on sale this week for $16! Mini Calamity Jane is on sale for $15 as well. This was one of the first of the new appliques I designed in the Petit Fleur collection. Mainly because it was a cinch to throw the color combo together and spatter it with random off-colored buttons. I love how none of the materials and buttons exactly match because well, it just works.

The combination totally exclaims French Country to me which inspired the name Calamity Jane. Say what? It's a song by  Camélia Jordana (fav. play-list right now). She's a French pop singer who rocks my iTunes world. Favorite song is of course Calamity Jane.

See what I mean? Shall I play it 10 more times in a row? The good thing is that now when you get your Calamity Jane in the mail every time you wear it this song will get stuck in your head. Have fun with that.