You have waited so patiently (probably more patiently than I have) for me to reveal something, ANYTHING about the new collection. ehh hum! *clears throat*

To my loyal reader(s):

It gives me great pleasure to share the following pictures with you directly from our upcoming collection which WILL be revealed (if you can stand it) NEXT WEEK!!! (…or so I hope.)




Our lovely models (top to bottom) are the striking Mrs. Kim Jaxn, the stunning miss Lauren Merrill (soon to be Mrs. Osmond) and of course I could never go with out the breath taking Miss Sierra Skousen. *cue choir singing “ahhhhhhhhh”* And the photography is by Sierra Studios Photography!

Aside from the sheer excitement of starting a new collection I am also excited to announce some new additives to our new collection that I KNOW you will all be at high risk of going pee pee in your panties over (don't be ashamed if you do).


1. NEW 3mm glossy enamel black metal headbands

2. Shiny NEW 3mm silver plated headbands

3. Each applique now comes STANDARD with a single prong rounded alligator pinch clip.

What does this mean?!!!?? Well for one who doesn't love a lot of GLOSSY? I just like to say that a lot. Glossy Glossy Glossy. Deal with it. Another thing, options! Do I go with the black or the silver??? Can't decide…. but I love the OPTIONS! Ok, finally let's have a moment of silence for the pinch clip……… *small tear* Now lets give a unanimous happy dance (shakin' it, movin it! happy happy HAPPY!) Now let's envision ourselves clipping those desirable appliques all up in a fancy updo, now on the collar of our cardigan, now on our purse, now on our diaper bag, now on our husband's suit jacket or or OR oR!!!! *reboot brain, mine just crashed*

Do I need to expand on all this or are we all to the breaking point? Have you finished rebooting yet because there is a little something else I have to add. On the verge of creating and designing this new collection I was overcome by the spirit of newness and all things that are new and changed and all that, so I thought….. (slow thinker…. sorry gonna have to wait a second longer….) I thought! “Why not vamp up the entire Whippy Cake brand?” You know, simplify, grow up a little. So that's what I did! So not only will we be revealing a new collection but also a new brand entirely and what better accessory to go with my new logo than an updated website to go with? Squeeeak! So bring your paper bag in case of hyperventilation because it's all gonna be ridonkulous and stuff. There is even more but I can't share everything at once or there won't be more exciting stuff to share later like the fact that we will be giving away a Flip UltraHD Camera as well. Ooops! It slipped 😉

Not another word about it till I have confirmation of the exact date and time. Zip!