I wrote you a Christmas song for the holidays because I love you and I wanted to do something special. 
I’m dreaming of a Whippy Christmas
Just like the ones that make you stare
Where the buttons glisten
and children listen
to compliments about their mother’s hai


I’m dreaming of a Whippy Christmas
with all the colors that are right
May your hair be pretty with height
and may all your accessories be bright
and may ALLLLLLL your accessories be BRRRRRRRRRIGHT!

 Don’t worry, as good as my lyrics are I’m not considering making a career change anytime soon. I will be sticking to designing more Whippy Cake… like right now… as I type this. I am multitasking. Designing and typing. That’s what I do. And I dance too, if you can believe it. I could be dancing right now, and typing, and designing. Get over it.

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