Meet Collin & Ashlee. I’ve admired this couple before they were even a couple and I am so excited to turn my blog over to Ashlee today so she can share their story with you. Ashlee im

presses and inspires me so much with her fabulous style and unwavering enthusiasm for life despite their struggles with infertility. I long to be more like the both of them to put it frankly. I’m blessed to know them just as you will be as well…


Very few things in life give me as much joy as feeling attractive, having good friends, and the thought of motherhood. I feel like by sharing my story on Whippy Cake I’m killing all 3 of those blissful birds with one stone because who doesn’t feel completely adorable when wearing a Glamour Band, who on this earth could be a better friend than Becki, and how much fun will it be to share with you my feelings on motherhood/infertility/adoption?!

In case you’re stumped, the answer to those questions are nobody, nobody, and so fun.


So, you may know several fertile Myrtles, I know I do, however I’m here to introduce myself to you as an infertile Girdle. That’s right, I said infertile and girdle in the same sentence. But it’s true, between my husband and me, the odds of us conceiving children are about as good as the Diamondbacks winning The World Series this season. (In case you haven’t been following baseball for the past few months, the D-backs are 64-95 this seasons). Yep, my ovaries laugh at the thought of ovulation, and C’s sperm have been on more vacations than Donald Trump. No baby makin’ is in our future. And though I am able to light-heartedly joke about it now, it hasn’t always been so funny.


We went through a period of mourning, I felt loads of anger for a brief time, and sadness has seemed to creep in at the most inopportune times. Several things have gotten us through the rough patches, but the one I’m here to tell you about is adoption. We explored our every option; Clomid (a hot flash in a bottle), in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, sperm donors, egg donors, and a bajillion others. Along with considering those, we also immediately considered adoption. My 2 oldest brothers are adopted and I’ve seen first hand how adopted children can complete a family, so it was always on the plate for us. And after lots of doctor advice, parent advice, thought, and prayer, we decided that adoption was the way to go.

We went to our orientation meeting in early July, and we are officially certified for adoption as of last Wednesday! It was a short, yet some how so long, 3 month process to get certified, but oh so worth it. Being certified, we are now able to adopt a child whenever the time is right, and whenever a birth mother deems us the right fit to raise her child. We are excited about this prospect and we know how big of a miracle adoption is and we are super pumped that we will hopefully get to experience it.

We’re so pumped in fact that we even blog about it

as a couple:
as the wife:
as Girdle:
and as the hubs:

We know that so many of you have been affected by infertility and we know that so many of you have been blessed by adoption. We would love to hear your stories-feel free to stop by our sites and leave us a comment, or shoot us an e-mail. We love hearing from you- there truly is strength in numbers!

Infertility is not an end-all diagnosis. It is rather a door opening experience that provides options and possibilities! We’re excited for our possibilities. Stop by to read about our experiences, but even more importantly, to win some free Whippy Cake goodness on my Friday giveaway!

Thanks Becki, for letting me share our story on Whippy Cake!

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