Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick

“Psst, you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. Wait, now it’s on your chin. Nope, that side. The other side.” End Scene. This, my friends, is why I love matte lipstick. You have seen me wear it a lot because matte lipsticks stay put longer than glosses and tend... read more

Platinum Blonde Touch-Up with Feria

You know when you run into Target at 9:47 pm and pray that you don’t see anybody you know because a.) Your hair looks just like it did when you got out of bed 16 hours ago. b.) You are most likely buying an obscene amount of Diet Dr. Pepper and candy. “Wait, what did... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 16: How to Act the Fool

Anybody want to see what happens when friends send you a custom made Whippy Cake doll? Hijinks and hilarity ensue in this week’s episode of Mystery Monday. This mini Whip is a scene stealer, I’m telling you. I think every grown girl needs a doll version of her current... read more

“The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.”

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Mystery Monday, Vol. 15: LIVE at Creative Live

I am doing something a little different this week for Mystery Monday. In this episode, you will be joining me LIVE at the Creative Live studios in Seattle. I had the honor of teaching a class about marketing your business on YouTube to talented entrepreneurs in a live... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 14: What’chu Want From Me

I will never forget my first “DTR,” or define the relationship talk. What a nightmare, right? Butterflies of excitement and the fear of disappointment stirring wildly in my stomach. I am sure that I am not the only one who practiced every possible outcome line by line... read more

Pixie Parade Q&A: What to Say to Your Stylist

I get asked a lot of pixie questions, and I mean A LOT. It’s just one of the fun perks of being the Grand Marshal of the Pixie Parade. But the #1 pixie question asked is my favorite because it applies to everyone: “How do I talk to my stylist about the pixie cut I... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 13: #MM Comeback

To say I have been busy lately would be the most epic understatement known to mankind. I have tested the limits of my body, mind, nanny, concealer, and the power of Diet Dr. Pepper. I tell you this because I know you can relate. I have been so inspired by all of your... read more

Pompadour Hair Tutorial for Pixies

Nothing makes me happier than a new 2nd day hairstyle. Wait, I take that back. Did you see that box of Caramel Bugles that a friend sent me? That works too. Back to hair. Finding new styles that work best as a next day look is what makes extending the days between... read more

Geometric Connect the Dots Wall & Backdrop

I have a really fun DIY project to share with you today. If you watched my latest makeup tutorial, you may have noticed this Geometric Connect the Dots Backdrop I created. I was so pleased with how it turned out! I really think it added so much character as a backdrop... read more

Polished Pixie Tutorial

I have a brand new Polished Pixie for you today. Many of you have seen me sporting this look on Instagram and have asked for a tutorial. Order Up! I love this sleek style so much because it combines gravity defying volume and a sophisticated smooth finish. I typically... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 12: Snack Attack

Are we good enough friends that I can talk about my favorite snacks for the majority of this Mystery Monday episode without you thinking that I snack all day long? I hope so, because I am definitely giving you the inside scoop on what kind of snacks I keep around my... read more

Coachella Hair Tutorial: Twisted Pixie

With everyone still buzzing about Coachella, I decided it must be perfect timing to share my twisted hair tutorial which is very Coachella-esque. Fun fact: When I was 10 or so, my four older sisters taught me how to do this simple twist, and I have been experimenting... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 11: Snap Recap & Bed Problems

I don’t know if Cinco de Mayo is a big deal where you are from, but growing up in Arizona, it’s pretty much the best time of the year because, Tacos. I’m kicking off today’s video with a little south of the border celebration. I can NOT wait to eat my weight in chips... read more

Un-boxing the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly

Today I am super excited to un-box my #CAUSEBOX with you and tell you about what I found inside my box. I feel very fortunate that Whippy Cake is often associated with kindness and charity, and I feel like this box fits perfectly with sharing goodness. I am always... read more

This Just In: Whippy Cake on Fresh Living

When I was in Utah last week for the Snap Conference, I got to sit down with KUTV’s Fresh Living host Debbie Worthen to talk about the brand new addition to my website, the Hello You Membership. I had so much fun chatting with Debbie in this quick little interview. I... read more

Side Swept Pixie Tutorial

Guess who has a fun new side swept pixie tutorial for ya’ll? I love being able to add another pixie style into my rotation, and I think you will really appreciate the tousled sky scraping volume you get with this look. I think people assume that with a shorter length... read more
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