My Favorite Birthdays Ever!

If you are new to following me, you may not know that I have a specific tradition to help me celebrate my birthday every year and that is RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness). The main reason is because I find the act of getting and receiving gifts kind of, eh, ummm, awkward! I don’t like people feeling like they owe me anything, and I always feel like I am already so spoiled with so much! Instead, I just like to turn the tables and give other people unexpected gifts and surprises bc, holy frijoles, it makes me mucho happy! So today I wanted to recap a few of my favorite birthday RAOK experiences. This tradition started for me in 2010 when I read this blog post on the So Wonderful, So Marvelous blog earlier that year. It really resonated with me and made me cry my eyes out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days and days, so I knew it was something that I would incorporate into my birthday that year. I turned 26 that year and had a blast creating 26 RAOK to perform on my birthday. One of my favorites from that day was delivering craft supplies, toys, and Whippy Cake headbands to the pediatric unit at Mercy Gilbert Hospital. This incredible hospital has a special closet that miniature patients get to shop in after a procedure. I also got such a kick out of this RAOK. My friends and I purchased 26 balloons and walked around the grocery store with a “Free Balloons” sign and gave one to every child we saw. It was a total... read more

Fall for Fringe

Guess what! last week I got to debut the very first Diamond Drop, and it did so well they put together a brand new style box this week. “Let’s see that again, Jerry!”  You better believe I am all about begging to get first dibs on this biz! My favorite thing about this box is the distinct fall vibe of all the colors. I am ready to be over and done with the 110 degree weather here. So yah, bring on all things fall, especially if it’s light and flowy and doesn’t suffocate me in this wretched heat. This week’s Diamond Drop comes with two complimentary pieces including the ever versatile kimono and the two tone chain necklace set which I have been wearing non-stop all week. I have a feeling I will be twinning with a few peeps when they see this combo. You get the kimono and the necklace set all together for $15.95 and shipping is totally free. Twinning, I tell you! This style box is only available from now through Monday though, so, you know, get on that.   Check out the Diamond Drop Box... read more

Eyebrow Rant

I recently did a broadcast on Periscope that was kind of my first rant video ever.  The scope was all about eyebrows, mean girls, and just my frustration with how negative the internet can be. It all started with a comment that was made on one of my Instagram posts. Although the photo had nothing to do with my eyebrows, someone felt strongly enough about them to make a snarky comment about how “inexcusable” they are, and then made an obscene comparison I don’t care to repeat. Of course, the comment was intended to be offensive for a slight second. What offends me way more than dissing on my eyebrows is the fact the grown adults are still acting like mean girls in high school on social media behind the safety net of their computers. I know I am very lucky because I rarely get a nasty comment, but the fact that this happens regularly for some people just makes me angry and sad, so I had to hop on Periscope to rant about it for a little bit. If you are new to Periscope or have never seen it in action before, it’s a live broadcast that viewers can tune in and watch in real time. They can write comments through the chat below and tap the screen as much as they want to create hearts to let the broadcaster know they are enjoying the video. Once the live scope is over, the video is available for replay for 24 hrs in the app, and then it goes away.     I know I said more than I... read more

Fancy a Diamond Drop?

You know how I have gotten a little box happy lately? Oh right, you prob have a box addiction too bc they are the greatest ever! Say “Hello” to The Diamond Drop (TM), Cents of Style’s newest way to get their fun & fashion-forward accessories at an even funner price. These items have been hand-selected from Cents of Style’s archive by fashion loving friends (like me) and brought to you for a limited time. If you’ve ever wanted to try Cents of Style items, the Diamond Drop is a great way to add a selection of accessories sure to make you sparkle! The reason I absolutely LOVE the Diamond Drop is because you know exactly what you are getting in your box before you even buy it, PLUS, you get multiple products for the price of one, so it’s like buy one product, get two for FREE. This little box is full of some of the most popular items from my Detour collection, and it’s only available from today through Monday, August 24th. You can nab your own box [HERE] for $19.95. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: JOANNA CRYSTAL PEEKABOO EARRINGS || Retail Value: $19.95 PERFUME PHONE CASE ||  Retail Value: 19.95  (Fits iPhone 6) TATE ROUND CAT EYE SUNGLASSES || Retail Value: $14.95 Available for purchase from for $19.95 now through Monday, August... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol 17: All Healthy N’ Stuff

I have a secret. Well, maybe it’s not that secret. I have tattoos. And a lot of you caught a glimpse of the white ink tattoo on my foot a few weeks back in an Instagram and Facebook post. I’ve been pretty shy about sharing this part of my life. It’s so personal to explain each one, and I don’t ever want to come across as an advertisement for tattoos. But with that post, I got so many questions, so I feel like it would be insane not to share my experience with this unique tattoo style, and why this tattoo means MORE to me than you’ll ever know. So what is the perfect platform for this random bit of information? Yep, Mystery Monday. It’s Monday, and I’ve already given you a sneak peak of the first item on the docket for this episode of Mystery Monday. But the fun doesn’t stop there. I also let you know how in the world I got my “I hate exercise” body up and moving in the mornings. It’s a pretty fun version of exercise, but it totally counts. Woohoo! You will also get introduced to a few of my current faves and my latest motivational obsession the—Periscope App. Let the good times roll, because it’s Monday! MY MYSTERY MONDAY FAVORITES: My fitness coach || Kari Kinsey CIZE Challenge Pack || Online Only FitBit || Amazon Dalmatian print FitBit skin || Amazon Prada Candy Roller Ball || Ulta Periscope || @whippycake You guys…Periscope! Please come and join this community. I promise it’s not all fun and games. You can find some really... read more

Motivational Monday: Have Courage to Listen to Your Heart

For today’s Motivational Monday, I have a little video clip from my Hello You series about having the courage to listen to your heart. I really wanted to share this today because some recent conversations I’ve had with a friend have made me sorta’ sad. The sad situation with this friend is that she has these bold ideas and big dreams to do something great in the world. She has a longing to do something different with her life, but she hesitates before even taking the smallest step towards her dream because she knows that people in her life will judge her or question her decisions. She believes that these influences in her life know better than she does when it comes to what she should do. She believes they can predict the future, and that if they think she will fail, then surely she will. I am sad for her and the life she might never live because of those close to her convincing her she can’t or shouldn’t. In this video, I share my personal story of a situation where I almost listened to someone I care about very much and nearly gave up on my dreams. In this video, I talk about how I learned that when it comes to you and your life, YOU are the only one who has control. YOU are the only one who gets to decide. YOU are the one with all the power. That letter from my mom was a turning point for me. It was an important moment where I realized I had the courage to follow my own... read more

Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick

“Psst, you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. Wait, now it’s on your chin. Nope, that side. The other side.” End Scene. This, my friends, is why I love matte lipstick. You have seen me wear it a lot because matte lipsticks stay put longer than glosses and tend to not wander all over your face (like the scenario above). And it’s not just me that’s in love. Almost every beauty brand boasts about their matte lipstick. I was recently asked by a viewer how to apply matte lipstick “without looking like I ate a crayon?” I love this question because there is a learning curve with this type of product. Matte lipsticks come in every color, but I especially love all the bold colors, like the NYX Matte Lipstick I’m wearing in this video. If you are trying to wear a bright color with a matte finish paired with your dry, peeling lips and a thick uneven application, back away from the lipstick. Take a few minutes to watch this video. I’m going to get you on the right track with these 3 quick tips that will have you applying matte lipstick like a pro. I promise you will see a difference in how long your lipstick lasts with these tips. Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick: • Tip 1: Clean and moisturize lips • Tip 2: Rub in the lipstick using your fingertip or a lipstick brush • Tip 3: Reapply on clean lips, even if it means removing what you had on before I hope these tips help you fall in love with matte lipstick. If you don’t... read more

Platinum Blonde Touch-Up with Feria

You know when you run into Target at 9:47 pm and pray that you don’t see anybody you know because a.) Your hair looks just like it did when you got out of bed 16 hours ago. b.) You are most likely buying an obscene amount of Diet Dr. Pepper and candy. “Wait, what did I come here for?” c.) “Is that chocolate on my pants? Good thing these are just my pajamas.” Being a platinum pixie celebrity on social media tends to bring a lot of attention when I’m out and about. Sometimes I’m not camera ready for that attention, and it usually happens at Target. I love having platinum hair, but the root upkeep makes me feel like I should set up permanent residence at the salon. Being a busy mom and business owner keeps my hands and calendar full. I have always had to resign myself to the fact that most of the time, I am going to have dark roots for a longer period of time than I desire. That is until I discovered the perfect platinum match in L’Oreal Feria’s “Extreme Platinum”! *GASP* Yes, I used a box color on my roots and got gorgeous results. No salon appointment. No crazy formulas to figure out. No cosmetology license needed because you can find it everywhere. Just simple instructions and a quick at home application. This is officially the best news ever. I told you recently about my secret trip to NYC to work with L’Oreal Feria and shared a few behind the scenes pics. Getting to work with this fantastic brand and the incredible... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 16: How to Act the Fool

Anybody want to see what happens when friends send you a custom made Whippy Cake doll? Hijinks and hilarity ensue in this week’s episode of Mystery Monday. This mini Whip is a scene stealer, I’m telling you. I think every grown girl needs a doll version of her current self. I mean, this thing has a pixie cut. It’s almost too much cuteness to handle. She’s developed quite the personality and has brought some much needed silliness to those days I’m chained to my desk. I hope you don’t get too attached to her in Mystery Monday, because she charges too much for air time. If you aren’t excited easily by look-alike dolls, I also share some exciting news for those of you who have been begging me for more Whippy Cake headbands. I’m so flattered that so many still want my retired appliqués. #heartyou Who of you will do cartwheels when I found out I had a secret stash of Whippy Cakes when I was cleaning out my office closet? I’m prepping my Etsy shop as we speak to make sure all these gems find a lovely home. Speaking of cleaning closets, I just had a fantastic game closet makeover by Your Life Revamped that I wanted to share with you. It’s amazing how organizing a space so small can make such a big impact. It came just in time for my kids to enjoy summer with a little more independence, and that is something every Mom can get behind. Since I got such great feedback from the added motivation in last week’s episode, I decided to add... read more

“The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.”

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Mystery Monday, Vol. 15: LIVE at Creative Live

I am doing something a little different this week for Mystery Monday. In this episode, you will be joining me LIVE at the Creative Live studios in Seattle. I had the honor of teaching a class about marketing your business on YouTube to talented entrepreneurs in a live studio audience, as well as an online streaming audience. I pulled Jef, one of my students, from the audience and had him man my iPhone as we filmed this video. I wanted to show the class from start to finish how to create a video for YouTube, and this was one of the steps. It really was live, and I have the audience to prove it. I had the most epic time teaching “How to Market your Business on YouTube” at Creative Live. The staff and production team were incredible and made every step of the way a dream. One of the online students chatted in a question about what makeup I use when filming. I loved that question, so I added some product reviews to this video. I also got the ball rolling on Motivational Monday. The topic I chose is preparing yourself for negative comments. I was reminded this week just how important it is to be prepared for this hurdle when you put yourself or business on the internet. I am so happy that we got to discuss this as a class, and I am sharing what I do along with some helpful tips. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mystery Monday LIVE! What did you think about adding in a motivational moment? Don’t ask Jef’s arms (my volunteer camera guy),... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 14: What’chu Want From Me

I will never forget my first “DTR,” or define the relationship talk. What a nightmare, right? Butterflies of excitement and the fear of disappointment stirring wildly in my stomach. I am sure that I am not the only one who practiced every possible outcome line by line prepping my unpredictable teenage emotions. After all, there was no Saved by the Bell episode that laid out exactly how to do it. The DTR didn’t end well. But it also didn’t take long before I realized having those talks to check in with a partner, co-worker, friend, parent, my fave clerk at Circle K—whomever it may be—is vital to know where to throw all of my energy into the relationship. What does this have to do with Mystery Monday? Well, I just want to check in with you and make sure I’m headed in the right direction with this MM thing. Have you ever heard the phrase, “you want to be terrific, you’ve got to be specific”? That is what I want for Mystery Monday. I want it to be terrific. I love that you love MM and can’t live without it, and that is my favorite thing about being Whippy Cake. But, I need more feedback from you. While you enjoy this week’s episode, I want you to think about what makes MM worth watching to you. So, I’m being totally serious. What do you want from me? I need your feedback. Are you up for a little Motivational Monday? How about more reviews of my favorite things? More cowbell? I’VE GOT TO KNOW! Consider this our DTR (define the relationship) talk. Pretend... read more

Pixie Parade Q&A: What to Say to Your Stylist

I get asked a lot of pixie questions, and I mean A LOT. It’s just one of the fun perks of being the Grand Marshal of the Pixie Parade. But the #1 pixie question asked is my favorite because it applies to everyone: “How do I talk to my stylist about the pixie cut I want?” We have all experienced that moment when you leave a stylist’s chair feeling unsure about what just happened. So you try to check out the damage in every reflective surface on the way home: The rear view mirror, sun visor, compact. You even snap a selfie. Yes, my friend, this is not a drill. You just got a bad haircut. Bad haircuts, in general, are miserable. But if you get a bad pixie cut, you can’t just throw it in a pony tail and will it to grow. You kinda’ have to make the best of a bad situation. This is why I want to teach you how to talk to your stylist and hopefully prevent any future miscommunications. In today’s video, I am chatting with my next Pixie Parade transformation. I know, it’s such a tease to show you this video of Michele before she joined the Pixie Parade, but I just love building up the anticipation for one of my favorite pixie transformations of all time. Together, we teach you how to have a conversation with your stylist instead of showing her a picture and hoping for the best. A good stylist will take the time to listen to you and then have a good back and forth as she gets... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 13: #MM Comeback

To say I have been busy lately would be the most epic understatement known to mankind. I have tested the limits of my body, mind, nanny, concealer, and the power of Diet Dr. Pepper. I tell you this because I know you can relate. I have been so inspired by all of your kind emails and comments to stretch my boundaries during those uncomfortable moments in life and rise to the occasion to become a better person. Yes, I know this might be a little deep for Mystery Monday, but I just thought you should be reminded that you are incredible and unstoppable. How’s that for a little Monday Motivation? Although Mystery Monday and I have been on a bit of a break, we have reunited to bring you a recap from the last month including my travels and upcoming projects that I am completely losing my sprinkles over. Expect a video and photo play-by-play as I catch you up in this #MM comeback. You need some camping? Got it! You need some NYC? Got it! You need some shopping recommendations? Got it! You need something inspiring to read this summer? Got it! You need to see me awkwardly clapping? Got it! I am even giving you a little sneak peek of one of the most beautiful Pixie Parade transformations…EVER! One thing you should know is I recorded this #MM video a few weeks ago hoping I could post it sooner. As you will see it’s been crazy, so ignore the lapse in time since then, will ya? I can’t wait for you to check out this week’s episode. I... read more

Pompadour Hair Tutorial for Pixies

Nothing makes me happier than a new 2nd day hairstyle. Wait, I take that back. Did you see that box of Caramel Bugles that a friend sent me? That works too. Back to hair. Finding new styles that work best as a next day look is what makes extending the days between washes my life’s purpose. Today I’m introducing you to a new Pompadour Pixie that is a real crowd pleaser. This style craves dirty textured hair, so it is 2nd day hair must-have. Underneath this Pompadour I have built up massive textured volume with my favorite products and a little backcombing at the roots. Then, with just a few bobby pins and a light sheen of spray wax, I transform all that volume into a sleek pompadour that will stay in place all day. If you feel like your bangs get too greasy on the 2nd day, then you will love having your bangs up and out of your face all day.   This style can be changed by adding a few curls to the rest of your hair or opting for a ultra sleek style by smoothing down the rest of your hair and tucking it behind your ears. If you have long hair, I suggest adding this Pompadour to a 2nd day ponytail. There is pretty much no limit to the different ways to style this look. I would love to see your version, so make sure you use #whippycake on social media. Can’t get enough pixie styles? Head over to my YouTube channel for more pixie possibilities. -XOXO- whip PRODUCTS USED IN THIS PIXIE TUTORIAL: Big Sexy... read more

Geometric Connect the Dots Wall & Backdrop

I have a really fun DIY project to share with you today. If you watched my latest makeup tutorial, you may have noticed this Geometric Connect the Dots Backdrop I created. I was so pleased with how it turned out! I really think it added so much character as a backdrop to my makeup tutorial and feel like it would be just as striking as artwork on the wall. You can change the look by creating your own abstract shapes, and you can be more deliberate with the placement of the push pins to make letters, numbers, or specific shapes. My ultimate dream would be to create a life-sized version of my favorite Connect the Dot drawing. This project is fun for any age and just happens to be very budget-friendly. I hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY wall art project.   Supplies you will need to recreate this project: Glue gun Clear push pins Pom poms Yarn, twine, or string After my video shoot, I unwound my shapes and let my kids take turns creating their own connect the dot shapes. It was really fun to see what they came up with, and it kept them busy for a long time. Connect the Dots for the win! #dotsamazing As I said in the video, you could use different colors of pom poms, string, and any shape you want to create your own unique wall art design—the possibilities are endless! I would love to hear what you think about this project, and I especially want to see how your wall art turns out, so be sure to tag... read more

Polished Pixie Tutorial

I have a brand new Polished Pixie for you today. Many of you have seen me sporting this look on Instagram and have asked for a tutorial. Order Up! I love this sleek style so much because it combines gravity defying volume and a sophisticated smooth finish. I typically do this look on day one with freshly cleaned hair because it’s so easy for me to blow out my hair nice and straight with my dryer and some smoothing products. In this tutorial, you’ll learn that this style starts with a good blow drying technique which I will show you. You will be able to maximize the potential of your volumizing products with your new hair drying skills. Then get ready for even more volume with my easy flat iron technique. When you invest time into styling on day one, you can really get more out of it on day 2, 3, 4…this is usually when I implement my Coachella Twist. The point is, try these techniques to master your own volume boosting, sleek comb over. You know I love to see you using my pixie techniques, so feel free to tag me [@whippycake] and hashtag #whippycake and #pixieparade so I can see your polished locks! -XOXO- whip   PRODUCTS USED & MENTIONED IN THIS PIXIE TUTORIAL: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner || Ulta Naissant Argan Oil Elixir || Amazon Full Thickening Cream || Sephora Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum || Ulta Big Sexy Hair Powder Play || Ulta Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray || Ulta Rat Tail Comb   WHAT I’M WEARING: Cherie Sweater || Forever21 Nails || Jamberry Nail... read more

Mystery Monday, Vol. 12: Snack Attack

Are we good enough friends that I can talk about my favorite snacks for the majority of this Mystery Monday episode without you thinking that I snack all day long? I hope so, because I am definitely giving you the inside scoop on what kind of snacks I keep around my office. I have fond memories of my Mom hiding little stashes of snacks around the house so that us kids wouldn’t get into them. I have now learned the art of hiding treasured treats and snacks so that my own 4 little kids don’t eat my nom noms. Don’t worry, the whole episode isn’t all about food. I share a few crave-able accessories with you, plus some style advice EVERYONE needs. I am also letting you in on a HUGE secret that has been in the works for a while now. I can hardly wait for you to find out the news. It involves a trip to New York City! You have to watch this Mystery Monday video to find out about this epic news. Enjoy!   Apologies if this video makes you hungry, now I am hungry! I’m off to Circle K now where they may or may not know me on a first name basis? Just kidding, that would be crazy… Hey! What did you think of my zit trick? First aid kit to the beauty rescue! Anyway. You guys, I am super excited about NYC this weekend and cannot wait to update you about the trip. I feel so honored to work with L’oreal Paris Feria. It will be a short trip, but I will do... read more
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