Hello beautiful! My name is Becki, but you can call me Whip. I’m a brand + business mentor, influencer, and stylist with an abstract way of making people feel pretty on the inside and look pretty on the outside.
I believe in a world where people put more value on who you are on the inside than what you look like on the outside. My motive is to help brands, businesses and individuals equip themselves with the resources and confidence they need to demonstrate their potential and prove that they are without question an undeniable force to be reckoned with. I intend for everyone I work with to walk away feeling fulfilled by who they are and what they do so that the way they look can be the finishing exclamation mark on who they are and not the only thing that defines them. Through my blog and my education in styling, I have established myself as the go-to-girl for personal and photo styling. I welcome every mentor and consulting opportunity, every speaking engagement, creative class, conference, or convention as a challenge that I accept willfully.
I’m a stubborn little cupcake that insists on getting what I want and what I want is to help you reach that pivotal point where you finally realize you don’t need to settle for less or apologize for being anything other than happy. My job isn’t done till you are enthusiastic about getting out of bed every morning to go out in the world and just be you, to do what you do better than you did it the day before. 
My styling career began over a decade ago and in June 2008 I started my company Whippy Cake. I reside in Arizona where I delight in the opportunity to work from home with my husband Bret (The Boss) and our 4 children. Kingston is the oldest and only boy, then London the creative junky, followed by Dempsey the Golden ray of sunshine, and our youngest determined little girl Ivory. Family life provides a fun frenzy of challenges and adventures that keeps all of us laughing or crying.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which has taught me the importance of serving others, the value of family, and the humility to rely on God. I’m occasionally impulsive, radically hopeful, an organized hoarder, and elaborately decorative in the way I talk and dress.
Don’t be intimidated to stick around while I share my favorite style and business recipes with you.