New Video Look Book Series – Closet Parade – Sunglasses

New Video Look Book Series – Closet Parade – Sunglasses

Hey guys! So sorry it’s been a little bit since my last post, I am finally getting into the groove of summer and am getting back into the work routine. #tada

So I wanted to show you guys the first video in a fun new series I have been working on! You have probably already discovered the fact that I am a little bit of a hoarder so I thought would share my repertoire with you guys in a fun new way. I know you guys often ask where I get my clothing and accessories from and I thought cinematic videos would be a creative way to showcase my favorite pieces and share my favorite places to shop. I am calling this series Closet Parade because I will be parading around in my favorite pieces from my closet.

To kick the series off I am starting with some of my favorite sunglasses I’ve collected. You might recognize some of these sunglasses from my Hello Darling collection from back in the day and some of these shades are from my more recent trip to Hawaii. Below you will find links to where I bought these sunglasses. I really hope you guys like the video and I would love to know if you guys want to see more look book videos like this and if so what do you want to see next from my closet?

Clear/Retro – Nine West – Belk
Leopard/Rectangle – Target
Black Milla/Salt – Framed Ewe
Nude/Square – Forever21
White/Hearts – Urban Outfitters
Black/Floral – Cents of Style
Vintage Christian Dior – these were a gift
Pink/Retro – Jessica Simpson
Torte/Round – Forever21
Gingham/Square – Dolce & Gabbana
Blush/Clear –  TJ MAXX (don’t know the brand)
B&W/Dots – Target
Red/Square – Calvin Klein
Gray/Retro – Forver21




  1. Yes, I liked this video, although I do have to say that the music was a little much after awhile, :)
    I would LOVE for you to do your next in the series on the tops you wear in the pictures. Your wardrobe reminds me of my favorite store, Anthropologie. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it :(

    Another video could be on your favorite accessories; jewelry, scarves, handbags, etc.
    Anything, really! Just keep the video’s coming!!!

    • Susan,
      Thanks for the input. I really appreciate feedback so I can continue making my Closet Parade videos better! I will definitely consider doing tops in my upcoming videos, thanks for the suggestion! And just wait, I have some great Closet Parade accessory videos coming up. I’m so excited!! I am glad you want to see more of them! Can’t wait to get your feedback on the next one!

      Whippy Cake

  2. Love it!! Excited to see more!! Definitely need a Shoe Parade!!

    • YES who doesn’t love shoes?! Thanks for the suggestion, I love hearing what everyone wants to see!

      Whippy Cake

  3. Loved it! Side note: what camera and video editing software do you use? And where did you find the transition effects? I’m always interested in that sort of stuff, being a fellow blogger. I also have way too many sunnies, but I keep on buying them lol.

    • I am glad you loved it! Here is a link to the camera I use. Also, I use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos. And I am with you on the sunnies thing, we can be sunnies hoarders together 😉 LOL. xoxo


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